Department of Geography

Department of Geography

Geography’s long-standing concern with evolving spatial organization and material character of the Earth’s surface is of great relevance in carrying out decision making in both business and government.  Geography also became an important part of various academic disciplines like chemistry, economics, and philosophy. In fact, every academic subject has some geographic connection. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare students to cope with the advanced developments in various fields of Geography.

The goal of this programme is to provide students with both the breadth and depth of knowledge in Geography required for solving real-world problems. This course in particular will impart knowledge in conventional and recent concepts and its applications in various areas of Geography. Further, the programme provides training to students in various practical aspects of Geography. Students will be able to gain unique knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate applications in new emerging professions related to Geography.

The duration of the programme is two years and the courses are carefully designed to attain both scientific and technical aspects that enable them to grow into competent, seasoned professionals. Course curriculum is designed both at basic and advanced levels. There are 14 core and practical courses spread across 4 semesters. Students in fourth semester are given opportunity to undertake research oriented project in their concerned field of specialization or interest. Apart from these core and practical courses, students are also required to take up electives. This programme provides elective subjects which are relevant with updated and new areas in various branches of Geography to meet the needs of all students.

The analytical and research skills gained from this programme provides wide scope for the students to practice as Cartographer, Commercial/residential surveyor, Environmental consultant, Geographical information systems officer, Pollution analyst, Soil Conservationist, Planning and development surveyor, Secondary school teacher, Town planner and many more.

As our University is located in rural background, community nearby enable healthy exchange of information related to the subject. Further, students can have wider exposure and experience from nearby villages adopted by the University regarding the geography of rural villages.


Programmes offered

M.Sc. Geography (2 years)

Course Structure


Contact details

Dr. Poornima Rajendran

Coordinator (M.Sc. Geography)

Central University of Tamil Nadu

E.mail :

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