Department of Life Sciences

Department of Life Sciences

Department of Life Sciences

Established in 2012, the Department of Life Sciences (DLS) offers two programmes, a 5-year-integrated MSc and PhD for aspirants of life sciences/biological sciences. DLS is supported by a team of faculty members who commit themselves to the highest standards both in academics and research. It represents one of the most vibrant and visible departments in terms of competition for admission among its aspirants, and the department boasts of its stuffy mural research grants, faculty ratio, internationally-trained faculty members with vast teaching experience, high-impact publications, and extra-mural research grants the faculty generate from various national and international funding agencies and also in terms of cutting-edge infra-structure facilities standing as a testimony to its success story as a department.

The vision of DLS is ‘to help students understand the diversity, formation and functioning of living organisms in order to conserve and coexist with nature’. The aim of DLS is ‘to provide a platform for the various interdisciplinary/ research oriented/advanced higher education in life sciences for translating the standards of personal and societal living’. The department was established with a mission of ‘ascertaining and broadcasting knowledge in life sciences through research and creative analysis, innovative teaching and learning and also to address problems affecting human health and world challenging environmental issues’.

The integrated master’s programme (iMSc) that the department offers comprises of various subjects including Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Immunobiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Structural Biology and Biophysics. Apart from these, it also offers novel bioinformatic approaches to develop new biomarkers and identification of drug targets. Student-teacher interactive seminars in new biology, hands-on-training during practical courses and field visits for reputed research institutions and industries across the country represent some of the prospective agenda planned for the course with an aim to transform teaching and research into a more contemporary and vibrant phenomenon.

The department is actively involved in organizing various national and international workshops, seminars and conferences to provide a better learning platform for its student community. The students are given opportunities to interact with leading scientists/professors from various national and international institutes, industries and medical schools during their visit to the department. DLS students are also actively taking part in various summer internship programmes offered by prestigious institutes like IISc, INSA, IISERs and ICMR medical institutions.

The faculty members of DLS have earned several national and international distinctions in terms of fellowships, awards and recognitions. The faculty members are engaged with research and outreach projects/programmes at various funding agencies and global leaders of research. The research focus of DLS is multifaceted by research across various biomedical disciplines such as infectious diseases, immunology, vector biology, blood and vascular biology, malignancy. Other thrust areas such as molecular plant physiology with special emphasis of deep understanding of the mechanisms of abiotic stress responses in plants are also being undertaken.


Thrust Areas of Research
Infection Biology
Blood and Vascular Biology
Cancer Biology
Plant Biology


Equipment available in the Department:
ELISA Reader
Flame Photometer
CO2 Incubator
Phase contrast Microscope
Refrigerated Centrifuges
Gel Documentation System
Electrophoresis (Horizontal and Vertical)
UV- Vis  Spectrophotometer
Ice flaker
Biosafety cabinet
Plant grow chamber
Laminar air flow
Deep Freezer


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