Department of Materials Science

Department of Materials Science

Department of Materials Science


The field of materials science is one of the rapidly developing field. The Department of Materials Science at CUTN has evolved from the tradition of collaboration across disciplines by exploiting the latest breakthroughs in Chemistry, Physics, and Life Science as well as emerging techniques from Mechanical, Chemical, and Electrical Engineering to create better materials.   Materials are crucial to the performance and reliability of virtually every technology. The central theme of materials science   is that the process by which a material comes into being determines its structure, which in turn controls its properties and ultimately its functional performance.

The teaching and research philosophy of the department is to impart the students with the understanding of the interplay between major aspects of materials science, namely, composition, structure, processing, characterization, and properties and equip them to develop innovative technologies based on sound fundamental principles. Our departmental vision is to foster the individual growth of our   students so that they gain practical experience and knowledge in areas of materials theory, synthesis, and characterization and master experimental design and the interpretation and presentation of results.

Interests within the Department span the entire materials cycle from mining and refining of raw materials, to production and utilization of finished materials, and finally to disposal and recycling. There are rich variety of problems of vital importance to the development of the science of metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses, electronic materials, biomedical materials, composites, and other materials awaiting solution. The Department has the computational and experimental resources available to attack these scientific and engineering problems successfully.

The faculty and students in our department seek to improve the performance of existing materials, synthesize new materials, and understand materials in all of their roles. The broad-based program encompasses a wide range of materials and enables students to understand the scientific principles governing the interrelation among processing, structure, properties, and materials performance. Students learn to integrate these principles in the systematic design of new materials from faculty members who are renowned for their pioneering work.

Strong interdisciplinary research is at the core of the materials science department at Central University of Tamil Nadu. The research areas of interest are

Computational Materials Science


Metals, Alloys and intermetallics

Materials for Green Energy Technologies

Ceramics and Polymers


Magnetic Materials

Structural Materials

Electronic & optoelectronic materials

Other areas of interests include materials synthesis, characterization, theory and modelling & thinfilm technologies.

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