Central Instrumentation Facility

Central Instrumentation Facility


To establish a Central Instrumentation Facility in the University to achieve excellence in research in the field of basic and applied sciences. The aim is to provide modern analytical equipment to stakeholders so that they can keep pace with research taking place globally and publish their research findings in reputed journals.


The Central Instrumentation Facility aims to provide a conducive research environment and optimized utilization of advanced infrastructure so as to enhance the quality of analysis and subsequent research outcomes.

  • To motivate the students of the University to pursue research by providing highly sophisticated measurement and analysis facilities.
  • To assist research scholars/ UG/ PG students during their Ph.D. thesis/dissertation as part of their curriculum requirement.
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary collaborative research involving students and faculty.
  • To promote advanced technological development.
  • To promote academic and industry collaboration.
  • CIF may provide these facilities at reasonable charges to the faculty members, scientists, Research Scholars and students from other institutions.
I) Central Instrumentation Facility at Department of Biotechnology:

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