Department of Chemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry


Prof. S. Nagarajan

Organic Synthesis & Organic Electronics.
Professor and Head
Room No. R-107


Prof. T. Mohan Das

Carbohydrate chemistry & Bioorganic chemistry.
Room No. R-110


Dr. R. Ranjith Kumar

Associate Professor
Room No.


Dr. S. G. Ramkumar (On Lien)

Assistant Professor


Dr. V. Rajendiran

Coordination, Bioinorganic and Inorganic Medicinal Chemistry.
Assistant Professor
Room No. R-206
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Dr. Vittal Babu Gudimetla

Hybrid organic-inorganic materials, Carbon Nanomaterials, Organometallics and Catalysis
Room No. R-209
Assistant Professor


Dr. M. Shiva Prasad

Asymmetric Synthesis, Total Synthesis of Small Natural Products & Natural Product like molecules, Organocatalysis. Room No. R-210
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Prabha Vadivelu

Computational Chemistry, Catalysis and Reaction Mechanisms
Assistant Professor
Room No. R-108


Dr. John Prakash

Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Photochemistry
Assistant Professor
Room No. R-207

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry. The Department started functioning from the year 2010 with five year integrated M.Sc Chemistry. The Department has the distinction of starting the first two year PG program in Science at CUTN. Besides, the state-of-the-art PG and research laboratories were established. The Department is committed to excellence in chemistry by establishing research programs for meeting scientific and technological challenges faced by the ever changing, science centered world of the 21st century.

The department is presently offering M.Sc, Integrated M.Sc., M.Phil, PGDCLT and Ph.D. programmes. The Department provides ample opportunity for the students to accumulate a thorough fundamental knowledge of all fields of Chemistry. Meticulous lecture courses in the general areas of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry are conducted regularly in addition to the state-of-the-art laboratory courses which provides hands-on experience to the students at all levels.

The main focus of the department is to instil the necessary spark and provide the scientific impetus so that the students can virtually experience the jiggling and wiggling of atoms and molecules. To enable students to have a glimpse of contemporary research, both in terms of academia and industry, the final year students in Chemistry will be completely engaged in project works. Our aim is to produce highly sought after and knowledgeable graduates for pursuing careers with academia, industry and government.

The department of chemistry envisages establishing itself as a place of excellence for teaching and innovative research.


Course duration: Five Years

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Course duration: Two Years

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Course Duration: One Year

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The doctoral degree in Chemistry at CUTN is an exciting research program with components of course work and advanced research. The department is seeking enthusiastic research scholars to work in frontier areas of Chemistry such as organic synthesis, organic electronic materials, carbohydrate chemistry, polymer chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, and asymmetric synthesis. DST INSPIRE fellows, CSIR JRF and other national fellowship holders can approach the faculty based on the research interest at any time.

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Our students are well recognized in all leading institutions due to their academic excellence. They regularly visit IITs and IISERs during their vacation to advance their research skills.

In the academic year 2019-2020, many of our students qualified national level competitive exams like GATE, JAM and etc., to pursue their Ph.D/higher studies with fellowship and many of them are recruited in reputed industries/companies through campus interview. We are happy to note that, in our department the number of students achieving various feats are increasing in academic each year.

1. GATE -2020

  • Ms. Akhila A S
  • Mr. Deepak Krishnan B
  • Ms. Aswathi C N
  • Ms. Gayathri P
  • Ms. Gunanandhini G
  • Ms. Jayashree P
  • Ms. Nidhi A J
  • Ms. Saranya S
  • Mr. Kavin Kumar
  • Ms. Abhijna Krishna R
  • Ms. Ancy Trisha Wilson
  • Ms. Rhiya Paul
  • Ms. Ananya Chari
  • Mr. Ballanki Trinadh
  • Mr. Arindam Bhowmick
  • Ms. Haritha R Das
  • Ms. Stutee Mohapatra
  • Ms. Angela Maria Varghese

2. JAM-2020

  • Ms. Anupama Vijayan
  • Ms. Aishwarya M
  • Ms. Kanniyavarshini N
  • Ms. Oviya K
  • Ms. Netala Meghana
  • Mr. Mudavath Ravi

3. Campus Drive (M/s. Anthem Biosciences, Bangalore) – 2020

  • Ms. Pooja.P
  • Ms. Ancy BrillIa.D.G.
  • Ms. Bharani.S
  • Ms. Jiya Rose K V
  • Mr. Satyajit Behera
  • Mr. Chalki Pramod
  • Mr. Jishnu V K
  • Mr. Marutha Nayagam R

4. SLPT – 2020

  • Ms. Stutee Mohapatra
  • Ms. Ankita Panda
  • Ms. Ardra A. K
  • Ms. Shruthi D
  • Ms. Shana Sudhakaran
  • Ms. Aswathy S. Lakshmy
  • Mr. Subash A
  • Ms. Midhuna Subash
  • Ms. Gayathri R
  • Ms. Uma Maheswari M

5. ESAF Bank, (Thirussur)- 2020

  • Ms. Parvathy.S.Kumar

6. Research Assistant (IIT Palakkad, Kerala) - 2020

  • Mr. Gokul Govind