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Dr. V. Premalatha

Associate Professor and Head
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Mr. Ratheesh P.R.

Assistant Professor
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Dr. S. Seethalakshmi

Assistant Professor
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Dr. Udaya Kiran K T

Assistant Professor
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Dr. Dileepkumar V R

Assistant Professor
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The Department of Music was established in the year 2017. CUTN is the only Central Institution in South India offering academic programmes in Music. Being the birthplace of the Trinity of South Indian Music, namely, Sri SyamaSastri, Sri Tyagaraja and Sri MuttusvamiDikshita, Thiruvarur has become an ideal place to propagate the rich music tradition propounded by them. The Department offers Undergraduate Degree Programme in Music, Integrated Masters Degree Programme in Music and Ph.D Research Degree Programme in Music. The Degree programmes were introduced during the following years:

  1. BPA Degree Programme - 2017
  2. Research Degree Programme - 2018
  3. Integrated Masters Degree Programme - 2022

• To provide traditional classical music education to students of different background and revive the music legacy of Thiruvarur
• To inculcate nuances of music by paving a strong foundation of basics
• To give individual attention to students and bring out their talent
• To make a student accessible to extensive learning material in the form of authentic audio, video and textual resources, supplemented by modern IT tools
• To focus on shaping a student to take up music as a Profession (Performer, Teacher or Researcher)
• To extend music as an additional subject to students of different disciplines
• To make the Department of Music, a research hub in the region
Integrated Masters programme - IMPA Music - Integrated PG Degree Course in Music
I) Integrated Master of Performing Arts (Music) - 5 year Course from 2022-2023 onwards:
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II) B.P.A. Music - UG Course upto 2021:

The Department offers a Four year UG course in Music, Bachelor of Performing Arts - Music – (B.P.A. Music), designed according to the Choice Based Credit system (CBCS) that is approved by the Academic Council of CUTN, 2016. It consists of Theory and Practical papers. The curriculum would cover basic training in the first year with beginners’ exercises and foundation courses for Voice stability and Sruti/Laya control. Besides Classical Music (Karnatic music) compositions, student could learn songs from other genres such as Devotional songs, Folk songs, Patriotic songs and songs for Dance and Harikatha. Gradual increase in the content of the Classical Music training is prescribed through the eight semesters.

In the third year, there is an opportunity to learn playing any of the instruments, viz., Veena, Violin or Mridangam. Under electives, basics of Hindustani Music, Western Music, Regional Music of India and Music and Technology, Indian Culture and Sanskrit and Dravidian scripts are offered. In the final semester, a student is trained to perform a Classical Concert for an hour’s duration. The courses of the 5 year MPA degree programme are designed to prepare a student to appear for music audition of the All India Radio / Doordarshan, to become a Stage performer, a Researcher and/or a Music teacher.

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Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course - INDIAN MUSIC (MUSAEC1)

This is one of the Elective Courses offered to the students in the (IV semester) Second year of the UG and Integrated Master’s degree. It is a compulsory course and carries 2 credits. It is a theory paper with written examination; classes will include lectures supplemented by Audio video recordings.

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Generic Electives

The Department offers a variety of courses under Generic Electives for students studying in various Departments of CUTN. The details of titles, code, pre-requisites are given here.

Course details and syllabus

Ph.D in Music

The Department of Music offers Ph.D in music for a duration of 3 years for Ph.D. Students who have passed the UGC-JRF can apply for registration round the year. Those who do not possess NET qualification, should apply through CUCET that is conducted every year. These programmes are aimed to bring out the research outputs in various areas like Music analysis, Stylistic studies, Theoretical and Historical studies and Interdisciplinary studies. A student enrolled for research programmes is expected to undergo Research Methodology, Course Work (Practical and Theory) and also opt for required relevant electives, by staying in the CUTN campus.


A consistently good academic record and possessing a Master's degree in Music obtained from any recognised Indian University or its equivalent with a minimum of 55% marks for General Category and 50% marks for OBC/SC/ST/PWD categories.

Dr. V Premalatha has been awarded a research project for the publication of an unpublished work in Music called “Talalakshanam”. In this connection a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Dr. V. Premalatha, CUTN and the National Mission for Manuscripts, Government of India, New Delhi in December 2017. An amount of 2.65 lakhs has been approved to undertake the work.

About the Research Work

Many ancient works in Indian Music and Dance are available in the form of Palm leaf and Paper Manuscripts in various libraries. They are written in scripts like Devanagari, Telugu and Grantha. One such is titled “Talakshanam”, which is said to have been composed in the 15th or 16th Century. Copies of this work have been located in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Chennai and the Oriental Research Institute, Tirupathi. Additional sources also seem to be found in the Saraswathi Mahal Library, Tanjavur and the Oriental Research Institutes of Mysore and Poona.

R452 - a palm leaf from Oriental Research Institute, Tirupati

D12992 – a palm leaf from Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Chennai

Dr. V. Premalatha has collected the digital copies of manuscripts and will be decoding the contents. The work is written in Sanskrit and has a commentary in Telugu. She is presently in the process of editing this work, preparing a soft copy and sending to the National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM) for publication. The NMM will be publishing the contents as a book with Dr. V. Premalatha as the Editor.

The book would present the text in Devanagari, Telugu and Roman Scripts with an English Translation and Critical notes on the musical significance of the work. It is noteworthy to mention that Dr. V. Premalatha has been involved in serious manuscript studies for more than 2 decades. She has already brought many unknown music works to limelight and her discoveries have been published as a Book and research articles in leading Music Journals.

Thus the present research work would be another valuable addition to the Music Literature by bringing out the valuable information on the Music of 16th Century.

1. Inauguration of the Department

The Department of Music and Fine Arts stepped into its maiden year, with a four year UG course B.P.A (Bachelor of Performing Arts) in Music, designed according to the Choice Based Credit system (CBCS), on October 24, 2017. Vice-Chancellor Prof. A.P. Dash inaugurated the Department of Music. Dr. V. Premalatha, Head of the Department, welcomed the gathering and presented a brief profile of the department. Registrar Dr. S. Bhuvaneswari, Controller of Examinations Dr. A. Raghupathy, Dean (Academics) Prof. T. Sengadir and former Coordinator of the Department of Music Dr. K. V. Raghupathy, spoke on the occasion. Teachers, non–teaching staff, students, research scholars and parents attended the inaugural function. A Smart Classroom which enables the students to receive various online resources and archival material was also inaugurated at the event.

Presently, the department offers a four-year undergraduate programme, Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music) that aims at preparing a student with a strong foundation of classical music, beginning from the basic music education. In addition, the department offers an elective course in Carnatic vocal and veena. Following years, Post-Graduation and Research degrees are on roadmap that will bring higher specialties in Music. It may be noted that CUTN is the only Central institution in South India to offer academic programmes in Classical music.

2. National Seminar on Contribution of Trinity to Karnataka Music

National Seminar on Contribution of Trinity to Karnataka Music held between 5th & 6th 2018 | Link: CTKM 2018 Gallery

3. Ranga Pravesham – 2018

Music is one of the Performing Arts and a student learns from the Guru in a traditional manner. After a period of systematic training, they attain the ability to perform independently. With the blessings of the Guru, the student then ascends the stage on an auspicious day. This entry on the stage is called as “Rangapravesham” or Arangetram. “Ranga” or “Arangam” means stage and “pravesha” or “etram” means entry / ascending. This is usually celebrated as an auspicious ritual and has been in practice for several hundred years in the history of Indian Music, Dance and Drama.

The Department of Music in association with IQAC, organized “Rangapravesham” for the year 2018. This year’s function was a humble beginning of “Rangapravesham” and was performed by the students of II year B.P.A. Music and the students of CUTN, who opted for Music as generic electives during 2017-18. As a mark of ensuring quality in the music training and performance, the IQAC also joined its hands in organizing the event. The Honourable Vice Chancellor of CUTN, faculty members, Musicians, Students and music lovers attended the programme. Honouring the musicians, the Vice Chancellor, congratulated the musicians and the Dept. of Music for organising a grand music feast. Link: Gallery of Ranga Pravesham – 2018

4. Workshop on Appreciation of Music

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” says Plato. The Department of Music hosted the programme titled ‘Appreciation of Music’, which was launched by Vice-Chancellor Prof. A.P. Dash on July 31, 2018. Along with the Vice Chancellor, Registrar Dr.S. Bhuvaneswari, Controller of Examinations Dr. A.Raghupathy and Dr.S.Sigamani (Associate Professor & Coordinator Centre for Happiness), offered inspiring speeches on the novelty of this centre, its need, inception and activities. The programme started at 3.30p.m and turned out to be a colourful programme of 2 sessions for four hours. Students and faculty members from several departments participated with a keen interest and passion for music.

For the participants, it was a lesson on how music can heal every problem in an individual’s life, from depression to even cancer. It also reinstated the need to preserve the richness and heritage of Indian Classical music. Students were offered materials on the topic and presentations, to aid the CUTN fraternity to use music to balance their life and reduce professional stress. “Music plays a part in everybody’s life. Even I don’t go to bed without a modest dosage of music”, the Vice Chancellor explained the need and importance of music for a calm life. Dr.S.Sigamani outlined the Centre’s aim and the programmes lined up to bust some stress. To add fizz to the programme, Dr.S.Bhuvaneswari recited her childhood ordeal with music and her masters, which amused the audience. The Registrar called on the students to use music for peace and harmony. Dr.V. Premalatha, Head of the Department of Music, offered a presentation on Classical Music, explaining its artistic and aesthetic beauty in the former session and how it can be used tactically to cure depression and other ailments in the latter. She also shared some wisdom on Carnatic music, Hindustani music and musical instruments. These apart, the programme featured some soothing clips of musical videos, after which the participants were encouraged to sing some numbers.

Faculty members from the Music Department also rendered Raga Alapana and Kalpana Swaras which are integral parts of Classical music. The participants were recommended to couple music with meditation for the best of remedies and were given opportunities to share their experiences with music and the workshop.

5. Clean & Green @ Department of Music – Swachchta hi Seva

The Department of Music organised the “Clean and Green @ Department of Music” as part of the Swachh hi seva program of “Swachh bharat abhiyan” 2018, on October 1st 2018. Prof. Sulochana Shekhar, Professor and Head, Department of Geography inaugurated the activities, Dr. V. Premalatha Head and Dean, School of Performing Arts and Fine Arts, Department of Music welcomed the gathering and Dr. Sivagami Nodal Officer, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Central University of Tamil Nadu, briefed the activities of the Swachh Bharat at various departments. Prof Sulochana mentioned that Music department campus is a very peaceful place in a calm and serene atmosphere. She requested the students to maintain the campus clean and green.

The 1st and 2nd year B.P.A Music students under the guidance of the Department co-ordinator for Swachh Bharat, Dr. R. Sivaraman cleaned the campus by removing unwanted bushes, weeds and dried leaves and planted a few saplings.

The following students were present for the programme: Abirame S, Adorn Alex, Dhiviya M, Kamalasri V, Jaya Kiruba S, Varun T V, Amaldeep P, Devishree R, Khethavath Suman, Priyadharshini C, Arutla Rohith, Santhoshini B and Venkadesh S.

6. Gandhi Bhajans

CUTN celebrated 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Central University of Tamil Nadu had planned several activities in various departments.

To start with, the Department of Music under the School of Performing Arts and Fine Arts conducted a rendering of Gandhi bhajans by its faculty members, captivating a hall full of audience with staff and students on October 4, 2018. Dr.V. Premalatha and Ms. Rasiga D taught the audience to sing ‘Raghupati Raghava Rajaram’ and Dr. Harish Narayan taught ‘Vaishnava Jana To’. On the 5th of October, the bhajans were taught at the Department of Music. Dr.V. Premalatha and Ms. Rasiga D taught the audience to sing ‘Raghupati Raghava Rajaram’ , Dr. K . Harish Narayan taught ‘Vaishnava Jana To’ and Dr. R. Sivaraman taught ‘Shanti nilava vendum’ to the audience.

Addressing the gathering, CUTN Vice-Chancellor Prof. A. P. Dash discussed his experience overseas and the respect Gandhiji commands all over the world. Link: Gallery of Gandhi Bhajans – 2018

7. Saraswati Pooja Celebrations

Saraswati is worshipped as the Goddess of knowledge, intellect and all art forms. The ninth day of Navarathri is celebrated as Sarawati Pooja, where all the students, artists and other professionals worship the Goddess to seek her blessings. The Department of Music, Cutn celebrated the Saraswati Pooja and Ayudha Pooja on 16.10.2018 at the department. The students along with the faculty members and office staff performed the pooja in traditional South Indian style, by placing all the musical instruments and some books in front of the Goddess as part of the pooja. Songs were sung by the students in praise of Maa Saraswati. Puffed rice (pori), flattened rice (poha/aval), bengal gram (pottu kadalai) and country sugar were offered as Nivedhanam to the Goddess. Faculty members together completed the pooja with the Harathi.

8. Invited Lecture of Performance of Kamalamba Navavarana Krts by members of the DKJ Foundation

The Department of Music, CUTN and the DKJ Foundation, Chennai organised a unique music performance of the rendering of the Kamalamba Navavarana Krti-s on 25th October 2018 at the Conference Hall, CUTN Guest House. Sri Muttuswami Dikshita, one of the Trinity of South Indian Classical Music was born in Thiruvarur. He has composed a set of 11 compositions in Samskrta, on Goddess Kamalamba of Thiruvarur, called the Navavarana krti-s. These are based on the “Sricakra” according to the Srividya form of Sakti worship. The Navavarana Krti-s begin with a dhyana (invocation) and consists of 9 compositions for the 9 avarana-s and ends with a mangala (benediction). These songs are set to the eight Vibhakti-s (declensions) of Samskrta Grammar. The Kamalamba Navavaranam was rendered by the disciples of Sangita Kalanidhi Shri D K Jayaraman. Altogether 15 vocalists, viz, T G Badrinarayanan, G Madhavan, Madurai Rajaram, N Vijay Siva, R K Shriramkumar, Sukanya Chandru, Sharada Mani, Mala Shankar, Savita Karthik, Radha Parthasarathy, Raji Parthasarathy, Varalakshmi Anandkumar, Durga Venkatesh and Jaya Kumar rendered the compositions in unison. They were accompanied by Dr. Poorna Vaidhyanathan on Violin and Shri J Vaidhyanathan on the Mridangam. Mr. M Jagan & T Yuvaraj played the Tambura.

The Honourable Vice Chancellor of CUTN, faculty members, Musicians, Students and music lovers attended the programme. Honouring the musicians, the Vice Chancellor, congratulated the musicians and the Dept. of Music for organising a grand music feast.

9. 172nd Aradhana of Sri Tyagaraja

The Department of Music, CUTN, celebrated the 172nd Aradhana of Sadguru Sri Tyagaraja Swami featuring the group rendering of Pancaratna Keerthana-s on 25th January, 2019 at the Conference Hall, CUTN Guest House. Sri Tyagaraja is one among the Trinity of South Indian Classical Music, who was born in Thiruvarur and attained Mukthi or Samadhi on the day of Pushya Bahula Panchami, at Thiruvaiyaru, in the year 1847. He has composed a set of 5 compositions, the first one in Samskrta and the rest in Telugu. These compositions are set to the ragas - Nata, Gaula, Arabhi, Varali and Sri and are called the Ghana Raga Pancaratna Keerthana-s. Every year on this Pushya Bahula Panchami day, Tyagaraja Aradhana is observed at Thiruvaiyaru and various other places all over the world. The Pancaratna Keerthana-s of Tyagaraja are rendered as a Sangita Arpana (Dedication of Music) to the great composer.

It is a matter of pride that it has been celebrated for the first time in Thiruvarur, at CUTN. The Pancaratna Keerthana-s were rendered by the faculty members, Dr. V. Premalatha, Dr. Harish Narayan, Dr. Sivaraman, Mr. Manoj (UGC-JRF Research scholar), Ms. Soundarya, Ms. Nimisha Pradeep and Ms. Malavika (students of IMA Economics, CUTN), Dr. Sivagowri and Mrs. Rajeswari. They were accompanied by Dr. Girish, Department of Music, Annamalai University, Chidambaram on Flute and Shri. Mohana Krishnan along with his disciples on the Mridangam. The Honourable Vice Chancellor of CUTN, the Registrar, Faculty members, Musicians, Students and music lovers attended the programme.

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