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Prof. S. Venkataraman

Prof. S. Venkataraman

Prof. S. Venkataraman

Name: Prof. S. Venkataraman
Designation: Professor


Biographic Sketch:
Prof. S. Venkataraman is having 17 years of Teaching and Research experience in Teacher Education. In 2005, passed UGC-NET(Education) and started his career as Assistant Professor in Department of Education, Annamalai University, since 2006. He is having Master Degrees in Physics and in Education and completed his Doctoral Degree in 2009. So far successfully guided Seven research scholars for their Doctoral Degree. His experience in Teaching is comprising of Ten years in Regular Department and Seven years in Distance Education. Before joining the Central University of Tamilnadu, served as Assistant Professor in Education in the Department of Educational Technology, Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai. His areas of specialisation are Educational Psychology and Applications of Technology for Education. He has completed UGC and ICSSR Major Research Projects and developed Mobile Applications for the execution of Teacher Education Curriculum. Organised one ICSSR sponsored National level Seminar and assisted as Organising Secretary forFour National level UGC-SAP-DRS-II and NIEPMD supported Seminar, Two workshops and Two International conferences. He served as Deputy Director of Educational Multimedia Centre (EMMC) of Annamalai University from its establishment and extended supported to various Faculty Members of Annamalai University for e-content Development. He is a Member of BoSof Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University, Chennai. Further, having association with two Journals as Editorial Board Member. In Annamalai University, received three Awards for his best contributions in Research Publications and Research grant Generation. He has published 85 Research articles in reputed Journals, published 7 books and 26 Chapters in Edited Books. Acted as Resources Person and delivered invited talks in various institutions. Earlier served as a RJ (Casual Announcer) in All India Radio, Karaikal FM for Six years since 2000.

Research Highlights :

Prof.S.Venkataraman,  has specialised in applications of technology for education, developed Android-Mobile Applications and Websites for execution of Teacher Education curricula. Extended guidance for research in Mobile Applications’ usage at Secondary and Higher School secondary levels and for Teacher education. Research attempts to centeron the identification of issues in the effective utilisation of innovations in Technology for Education and arriving at solutions for increased effectiveness. He has guided 7 Research Scholars for Ph.D.,One Scholar for M.Phil. and one for M.Ed. Competed Two Major Research projects and published 64 Research articles in Journals, authored 5 books and edited 3 books, written Chapters for 10 books.

Recent Publications :

  1. Venkataraman S and Karthikeyan S (2022). Construction and validation of ‘Teachers’ Attitude Towards Smart Boards’ - Scale, International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development, 5(6), 1164-1168.
  2. Venkataraman S, Manivannan and S, Rajkumar J (2022). An analysis about the Key features of Learning Management System (LMS) and the ways to include Parental participation into LMS, International Journal for Multidisciplinary Research, 4(6), 1-7. (DOI: 10.36948/ijfmr.2022.v04i06.1592)
  3. Ahila R, and Venkataraman S (2022). Assessment process of  National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)  of India – A Critical review, International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Multidisciplinary Physical Sciences (IJIRMPS) 10(3),1-5.
  4. Venkataraman S &Manivannan S, (2022). A Study Environmental Healthy Practices of B.Ed., Students, International Journal of Scientific Development and Research (IJSDR), 7(8), 872-876.
  5. Venkataraman S and Karthikeyan S, (2022). Problems related to Smart Classroomutilization, International Journal of Advance Multidisciplinary Research, 9(5), 126-130. (DOI:
  6. Venkataraman S, Manivannan S and Rajkumar J (2022). A review about the Process behind Educational Mobile Applications’ Development and Evaluation, International Journal for Research Trends and Innovations, 7(4), 96-101.(DOI: 10.6084/m9.doione.IJRTI2204017)
  7. Mohamed Basheer K and Venkataraman S (2021), Effectiveness of M-Learning for Teacher Education (B.Ed.,), Edu-Reflections, 8(1), 43-48,
  8. Venkataraman S and Rajkumar J (2019) Features of Android Mobile Application for B.Ed., Curriculum Execution, Journal of the Gujarat Research Society, 21 (9), 160-164.
  9. Venkataraman S and Rajkumar J (2019). Development of Cell phone-Android applications for the execution of Teacher Education curriculum, Think India  22(4), 9284-9289.
  10. Venkataraman S (2018). College students’ Educational usage of Mobile phones, International Journal of Communication and Media Studies, 8(4), 55-58. (DOI:10.24247/ijcmsoct20186)

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