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Mr. Shreeansh Mishra

Mr. Shreeansh Mishra

Mr. Shreeansh Mishra

Name: Mr. Shreeansh Mishra
Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone: 04366-277290


Biographic Sketch:
Mr Shreeansh Mishra, an Assistant Professor of Tourism pursuing a Ph.D. in Tourism Management. His expertise lies in community-based tourism, microfinance and sustainable tourism practices. Through research, he has explored the connection between finance, tourism, and local development, trying to highlight the findings in prominent journals and conferences. His teaching approach merges theory with real-world applications, encouraging students to understand tourism's potential for positive change. He actively interacts and collaborates with communities to design sustainable tourism models that empower marginalized groups, advocating for equitable and responsible practices. With a commitment to global collaboration and continuous efforts, Mr Shreeansh Mishra continues to drive research, education, and community engagement towards a more inclusive and sustainable tourism landscape.

Research Highlights :

Shreeansh Mishra is actively engaged in research that supports social transformation at the grassroots level through tourism. His research highlights the pivotal roles of self-help groups, microfinance, and community readiness in advancing community-based tourism. The work examines how these factors synergize to empower marginalized communities and foster sustainable development. By evaluating community readiness for tourism, he provides practical insights for effective interventions. Moreover, the exploration of agritourism's potential for rural revitalization showcases the symbiosis of agriculture and tourism in the Indian context and emphasizes the importance of institutional support.

Recent Publications :

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