Dr. B. Balaji

Dr. B. Balaji

Name: Dr. B. Balaji
Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: balajib@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
In a span of five years as an Assistant Professor at the Central University of Tamil Nadu, it was a pleasure teaching the subjects like Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Money and Banking, and Data Analysis for undergraduate and postgraduate students. My interest in teaching grew even more during my postdoctoral program at Pondicherry University, where I taught postgraduate students introductory econometrics for a couple of semesters. Further, on many occasions, I used to handle classes on Macroeconomics and Data Analytics for the students during regular class sessions. My stint in teaching and research has moulded me in handling courses for undergraduate and postgraduates, such as Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and Data Analysis and, Money and Banking. As an academician specializing in economics, my foremost objective is to provide my students with a solid foundational understanding of economics and how it relates to the real economic world. I practice eclectic teaching methods to allow students to experience different teaching techniques that break the monotony. It also helps to connect life experiences to the concept or ideas we present. Therefore, creating a diversified learning environment for students will definitely make them feel confident and comfortable. Subsequently, students will actively participate in the learning process.

Research Highlights :

My current research interest is in modeling uncertainties of various macroeconomic variables.  Previously, I have worked on constructing different measures of uncertainties for different macroeconomic variables and tested its theoretical validation. Presently, I am working on constructing uncertainty measures in multivariate models and trying to understand the spillovers among themselves and the impact of structural breaks in the spillovers.

Recent Publications :

Balaji.B, Raja Sethu Durai.S and Ramachandran.M (2018) Spillover Effects of Real and Nominal Uncertainties in India Journal of Quantitative Economics 16 (Suppl 1): 143

Balaji.B, Raja Sethu Durai.S and Ramachandran.M (2017) The relationship between Output Uncertainty and Economic Growth: Evidence from India Economics Bulletin Vol: 37, 4, 2680-2691

Balaji.B, Raja Sethu Durai.S and Ramachandran.M (2016) The Dynamics between Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty: Evidence from India” Journal of Quantitative Economics (2016), 14(1), 1-14

Balaji.B, (2011) Causal Nexus between Public Health Expenditure and Economic Growth in Four Southern Indian States The IUP Journal of Public Finance, (2011) Vol. IX, 3, 7-22.

Tripura Sundari, C.U. and Balaji (2015) Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in India in Emerging Dimensions of Cost and Financial Management, SELP Publications, 131-146

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