Dr. G. Ramesh

Dr. G. Ramesh

Name: Dr. G. Ramesh
Designation: Associate Professor & Head
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: rameshg@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr. G.Ramesh has completed his PhD from Bharathiyar University, Tamilnadu, India 2006 on area Folklore. His fields of Specialization are Classical Literature, Grammatical Studies, and Folklore. He has vast experiences in Folk and Modern Theatre past 16 years. He is Life Member 2012 onwords in Folklore Society of South Indian Languages. (Fossils). He has 71 publications and 5 Books. He guided for 24 M.Phil Research Scholars dissertations and 6 Ph.D Research Scholars Thesis. He was received international level Best Researcher award (2021) and National Level senior Scientist award (2022) from various reputeded instutition. He is perently as Associate Professor, Department of Tamil, School of Social Science and Humanities, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Neelakudi, Thiruvarur – 610 005, Tamil Nadu, India.

Research Highlights :

Recent Publications :

  1. Dr Ramesh,G., (2019).. Kurunthogai-Inthinayil meipaadugal, LITERARY FINDINGS, Vo1.081,issue No.8,P-105- 108.
  2. Dr Ramesh,G., (2021). Character Structure and Ideology in Silapathikaram. Thamizh Research, Vol.9,issue No.4,P-2404-2408.
  3. Dr Ramesh,G., (2021). Classical literature on negative strategies,. Thamizh Research, Vol.9,issue No.4, . P-2644-2648.
  4. Dr Ramesh,G., Dr Suresh,R., (2022). Folk Tales of the Namakkal Region in the System of Vladimir Yakovlevich Propp,. Thamizh Research, Vol.9,issue No.4, . P-2644-2648.
  5. Dr Ramesh,G., Dr Suresh,R., (2022). Thirukkanji Vattaara Vidukathaikalil Prulsaaraap Panbaadu,. INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF TAMIL, Vol.4,iss No.4, . P-2644-2648.
  6. Dr Ramesh,G., Ezhilarasan,V., (2022). Thirukkanji Vattaara Vidukathaikalil Prulsaaraap Panbaadu, Ayidhaezhuthu, Vol-10, Iss10 October-2022, P-88-93.
  7. Dr Ramesh,G., (2021).. IRONIC MAXIM IN THEMPAVANI, LITERARY FINDINGS, Vo1.11,issue No.5,P-61-63.
  8. Dr Ramesh,G., Dr Suresh,R., (2022). Religious And Cultural Guidelines Of The Naayakar Period,,. Thamizh Research, Vol.4,Iss No.4, . P-320-325.
  9. Dr Ramesh,G.,  (2022). Aspects Of Life Revealied By The Song Of The Paalai Thinai In Kurunthokai,,. INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF TAMIL,, Vol.4,Iss No.1, . P-248- 253.
  10. Dr Ramesh,G.,  (2022). In A Statistical Approach For Tamil Pulavarkal From The 3rd Bc To The 3rd Ad, The Grammars Mellinam And Idaiyinam Were Used, Journal Of Positive School Psychology,, Vol.6,Iss No.11, . P-756 - 768.

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