Dr. R. Saranya

Dr. R. Saranya

Name: Dr. R. Saranya
Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: saranya@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr.R.Saranya is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur since 2016. About her academic background, she has secured first class with distinction in her B.E CSE and M.E CSE programme from Anna University, Chennai. She has pursued her Ph.D. in the domain of Requirement Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University in 2015. She has a diverse range of research interests in the field of Computer Science. Her expertise spans across several domains, including Social Media Data Analytics, Content Moderation, Data Science, IoT and Distributed Networks & Systems. She has accumulated 12 years of academic experience. Her scholars are pursuing their research in the area of RAFT consensus algorithm, Multimodal Abusive/Offensive data classification and Blockchain in Healthcare under her guidance. She has published papers in highly reputed journal papers and multiple international conferences. She is an active member of professional academic bodies, including the CSI, IAENG, IEI and IEEE. She has also served as a reviewer for reputed journals such as Information Processing & Management, Elsevier and IEEE Internet of Things Journal. Additionally, she has been a Program Committee Members in various international and national conferences.

Research Highlights :

Dr. R. Saranya’s current research interests are in Distributed Systems and Text Analytics. In Text Analytics, her primary focus lies in offensive language detection and depression detection. Additionally, she explores the complexities of Multimodal and Multilingual Analysis. She has published over 20 articles in reputable journals and conferences that are SCI/SCIE/Scopus-indexed. Her contributions extend beyond journal articles, as she has actively participated in the creation of one book and nine book chapters. Notably, four of these chapters have been accepted for publication by reputable publishers CRC and Elsevier. Moreover, she has successfully published five book chapters, with four of them already indexed in Scopus, reflecting the substantial impact of her work in the field.

Recent Publications :

1. Divyasri. S.R , R.Saranya and P.Kathiravan.(2023). Enhancing Crime Prediction with Knora Dynamic Ensemble Selection and Cross-Validation, ECB. 2023, 12(Special Issue 5), 2698 2719, Publisher: Deuton-X Ltd.

2. Kathiravan, P. Shanmugavadivu P. & Saranya, R. (2023). Mitigating Imbalanced Data in Online Social Networks using Stratified K-Means Sampling, 8th  International Conference on Business and Industrial Research (ICBIR), Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 883-888 , IEEE.

3. Kathiravan, P., Saranya, R., & Shanmugavadivu P. (2023), Intelligent Named Entity-Based Cybercrime Recognition System for Social Media Network Platform, Cybersecurity for Decision Makers, CRC Press , Taylor & Francis Group , eBook ISBN 9781003319887.

4. Kathiravan, P., Saranya, R., & Sridurga S., (2023). Sentiment Analysis of COVID-19 tweets using TextBlob and Machine Learning classifiers - An evaluation to show how COVID -19 opinions is influencing psychological reactions of peoples behaviour in social media, Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems ,volume 551 ISBN 978-981-19-6634-7, Springer Nature.

5. A. B. Evanjalin, R. Saranya and K. K. Kondru. (2021). "Illustration of a Parallel and Discrete Event Simulator using Scala," 2021 First International Conference on Advances in Computing and Future Communication Technologies (ICACFCT), pp. 98-103..IEEE.

6. Bhuvaneswari, S., & Saranya, R. (2020).Internet of vehicle based accident detection and management techniques by using vanet: An empirical study. In 2020 Fourth International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC) (pp. 237-244). IEEE.

7. Kiran Kumar Kondru, R Saranya (2019). Directed Acyclic Graph-based Distributed Ledgers  An Evolutionary Perspective. Int. Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT),9(1).

8.  Saranya, R., Kannan, S.S. & Sundaram, S.M. (2019). Integrated quantum flow and hidden Markov chain approach for resisting DDoS attack and C-Worm. Cluster Computing,  22, pp: 14299 14310 ,Springer Nature.

9. Kondru, Kiran Kumar, R. Saranya, and Annamma Chacko.(2019). "A Review of distributed supercomputing platforms using Blockchain.". Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series, volume 127) ISBN : 978-981-15-4218-3, Springer Nature

10. Ajins Joy and R. Saranya. (2019). "A Pilot Research on Android Based Voice Recognition Application." Int. Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), 8(7)

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