Prof. S. Ravi

Prof. S. Ravi

Name: Prof. S. Ravi
Designation: Professor
Phone: 04366-277230


Biographic Sketch:
I have been involved in research for more than 32 years from 1998 to date. So far, I have published more than 140 research articles and 14 research books in the fields of scientific Tamil, folklore, literature, grammar, archeology and epigraphy at the national international state level. I have created 34 m.phil,10 phd research scholars.  I have conducted many seminars and workshops at national, state, international level in collaboration with other organizations.  I have discovered more than 20 archaeological sites and published my research findings in more than 200 journals. I have completed a short research project on megalithic coultre and hero stone in Kongu country in Sangam literature background in collaboration with classical Tamil Research Institute.

Research Highlights :

One year Project - Central Institute of Classical Tamil Funding Agency
1.Topic – Sanga  Ilakkiya  pinpulatthil  Kongu  naattu  Perungarkal  Panbattu Chinnangal  matrum  nadukarkal  patriya  Aaivu.
Financial Assistance Rs.2, 50,000

2.Five Month Project - Central Institute of Classical Tamil Funding Agency Topic -Varalatrukku Murpatta Tamizhagam
Financial Assistance Rs.50, 000

1.    The Diploma in Epigraphy Course on introduced 2003 No other Arts &   Science college all over in Tamil Nadu
2.    Created on Archaeology Museum in PSG College of Arts and Science & Dept of Tamil,CUTN
3.    Created the first Diploma Course in the name of Epigraphy & Heritage Management in CUTN.
4.    Archeology Articles published in many Journals and Magazines to be specific more than 160.

Recent Publications :

  1. Ravi.S “Sanga ilakkiyangalil  vendharkal”, Shanlax International  Journal, Pallavi Pathipagam, Erode, ISSN: 2321-788X,  April 2019.
  2. Ravi.S “Kongu nattil vatteluttuk kalvettu kandupidippu”, Ungal  Noolagam, NCBH, vol.12,Issue:1&2, ISSN:2394-7535-63, April –May 2020.
  3. Ravi.S “Makkal valakkariyal”, Nattupura Vazhviyalum  Panpaadum, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore.ISSN:978-93-82387-17-6, Feb 2021.
  4. Ravi.S “Konku nattil -  Perunkarkalap panpattuc chinnankal”, Thamizh kalai Journal, Tamil University, Thanjavur, ISSN:2277_7822,  Aug2021.
  5. Ravi.S “Tolkappiyam – porulatigarathil kootrum muraigal”, Thuraithorum Thamizh, Marutham Kalai ilakiya  Maiyam, Kumbakonam,ISBN:978-81-950822-4-7,Oct 2021.

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