Dr. M. Ponmurugan

  • Dr. M Ponmurugan was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on 25 April, 1976. He received his M.Sc. degree in physics from University of Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. He obtained his Ph.D degree from Indra Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu. He did his postdoctoral work at University of Reading, United Kingdom and Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Taramani, Chennai. He has more than twelve years of teaching and research experience. He has contributed around 15 articles in various international journals.

  • Statistical Mechanics (Computational and theory), Interdisciplinary nature of experimental and computational Soft Condensed Matter Physics (Proteins, polymers, polymer melts, etc.,), Monte-Carlo and Molecular dynamics simulations, Irreversible thermodynamics, feedback systems and q-statistics
  • M. Ponmurugan, Generalized detailed fluctuation theorem under non-equilibrium feedback, Phys. Rev. E., 82, 032129, 2010.
  • M Ponmurugan and S Vemparala, Transient state fluctuation like relations for the driving force on a bio molecule, Phys. Rev. E., (R) 84, ,060101, 2011.
  • Alexei E. Likhtman and M Ponmurugan, Microscopic definition of Polymer entanglements, Macromolecules , 47, 1470-1481, February 2014
  • M. Ponmurugan , Tsallis Statistics Generalization of non-equilibrium work relations, Phys. Rev. E , 93, 032107, 2016
  • I Iyyappan and M Ponmurugan, General relations between the power, efficiency and dissipation for the irreversible heat engines in the nonlinear response regime, Phys. Rev. E., 97, 012141, 2018.
  • Ph.D., Computational Statistical Mechanics(Lattice Models of Polymers) Indra Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu; 2008
  • M.Sc., Physics University of Madras, India; 1998
  • B.Sc., Physics University of Madras, India; 1996
  • Department of Science and Technology Fast Track Young Scientist Fellow , 2010
  • Junior Research Fellowship from Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India, (JRF-CSIR-UGC NET), 2001
  • State level Eligibility Test for Lectureship (SLET - Tamil Nadu), 1999
  • Cleared Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE), 1998
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship from Department of Mathematics, University of Reading, Reading, UK. from May 2008 to Oct. 2009
  • Postdoctoral fellowship from Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India from Jan. 2010 - Jan. 2012
  • Project Title: Free energy studies for folding and unfolding states of neural adhesion proteins, Funding Agency: SERB, Amount in Lakhs:10


  • Postdoctoral fellow, University of Reading , United Kingdom

    2008 - 2009

  • Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Mathematical Sciences Tamil Nadu, India


  • Assistant Professor, D G Vaishnava College Tamil Nadu, India

    1999 - 2002