Dr. T. J. Abraham

  • The broad area of interest is contemporary literary theory with a particular focus on its interface with Indian thought including Indian aesthetics. The sine qua non for such an enterprise being the acquisition of greater scholarship in both Western as well as Indian philosophy, efforts are being directed to fine tune this dimension. Hence, the prime orientation of the research has been a thrust on the shape of how contemporary Western thought bears on the Indian scenario, including the instances of anticipation of poststructuralist thought in the history of Indian thought. The focus has primarily been, accordingly, on individual thinkers such as M K Gandhi, Nagarjuna, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Lacan, Emmanuel Levinas and Giorgio Agamben. Correspondingly, it is deeply felt that the contours of the emerging postmodern India that seems to find its locale coterminous with what appears to be ultra-nationalism and religious atavism are interesting country specific manifestation worth looking into. Any proposal for a possible collaborative research in the above area that might promote greater synergy is welcome.

  • Literary Theory, Indian & Western Philosophy, Indian Aesthetics
  • "Scriptures for Postmodernity" Perspectives on Arts Humanities, Asia, 5,2. 2015
  • Nation, Ego and Impasse in API, T J Abraham,Journal of Contemporary Thought,25, 2007, pp 75-87 International
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  • Ph.D., Indian Philosophy and Modern Indian Novel in English, Calicut University; 1995
  • M.A., Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala English Literature; 1990
  • National Merit Scholarship
  • Project Title: Travel writing - Hegemony and Racism, Funding Agency: UGC, Amount: 40000
  • Project Title: Ethical Criticism - Levinas and Gandhi , Funding Agency: UGC, Amount: 150000
  • Project Title: Poststructuralism - Deleuze and Nagajuna , Funding Agency: UGC, Amount: 70000


  • Associate Professor, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur

    October 2015 - Till Date

  • Lecturer, Reader, St. Thomas College, Pala, Kottayam, Kerala

    February 1994 - September 2015

  • Lecturer, Sacred Heart College Thevara Kochi, Kerala

    October 1992 - January 1994