Dexian || Disys and CUTN Partnership

Dexian || Disys and CUTN Partnership

  • Aim  to establish a collaboration between CUTN and Dexian || Disys in order to combine research, knowledge, and industry requirements
  • This partnership focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge of CUTN students and Dexian || Disys employees through upskilling and reskilling initiatives
  • Development of joint project proposals with Dexian || Disys and CUTN based on common interest
  • Dedicated centre within CUTN  established ”Excellence Centre”

Partnership Construct:
  • Students have the chance to establish connections with the industry
  • Provision of personalized learning and career development paths to align with industry requirements (Individual Development Plans – IDPs)
  • Dexian || Disys assistance in designing new campus- to-corporate training plan
  • Dexian || Disys guidance and support on IT and software projects synergizing all departments to build an integrated team of 20 members working on AI, Agritech, Digital Transformations, Quantum cryptography.
  • Motivation for students through Dexian || Disys apprentice programs  emphasize job placements
  • CUTN to establish Incubation Center, at CUTN Campus and provide WiFi and basic infrastructure including air conditioning, work desks and chairs,
  • Dexian || Disys create a Virtual Cloud based platform for incubation centre and CUTN faculty and students regularly access this cloud-based facility to share files, documents, and other essential project materials.
  • There will be one member as a Coordinator
  • CUTN and Dexian || Disys select 20 students from Ist PG and PhD students
  • The paid internships for 18 months, with potential placement at Dexian || Disys.
  • Regular (quarterly) visits from Dexian || Disys team to CUTN planned and executed and CUTN informed about these visits
  • CUTN provide guest house accommodations
  • CUTN and Dexian || Disys team will work on new project proposals in Agri/Food tech area as well as other areas of mutual interest. The modality for such project level collaboration will be separately developed as per the needs of the projects.
  • Dexian || Disys and CUTN, depending on mutual interest will also work together in organising international seminars as well as industry-academia meet events.  CUTN will support such events providing infrastructure support as well as technical contribution by faculty members and research scholars.
  • CUTN to design and offer work Integrated Post-graduate and PhD Courses for Dexian || Disys employees.
  • Dexian || Disys employees enrolled in these integrated courses will serve as mentors to the Excellence Labs students at CUTN
  • Primary departments in focus are Computer Science/High performance computing, Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Horticulture, Geography, EPH, Material sciences etc.,
  • Leverage the skills, expertise, and experience of CUTN faculty members for developing new project proposals for external funding.
Selection Process:
  • Initial screening of students who will join program initiated by CUTN based on semester marks
  • Dexian || Disys will select overall 20 students
  • Creating a prioritized list  needs (ex. Seed Recommendation, Soil health, Weather, diseases, chemicals etc.) This should be based on farmer survey in adjoining areas of CUTN. AI, data Management, Computing, prediction, preparedness etc.,
  • Identify one or two areas (jointly) from the survey and then deeply explore and solve (including use of new technology).

Additional areas of work:
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Cloud and Cyber Security
Stipend Details:
Category   Masters 1-6 months Masters 7-12 months Masters 13-18 months      PhD
Stipend   5,500 pm 7,000 pm 8,500 pm 12,000 pm
Annual CTC at the time of joining as employee 7 lac pa  9 lac pa
Short term Internship for CUTN students (Dissertation Work)
  • Dexian || Disys shall offer short-term (45 -90 days) unpaid internship programs for interested students to collaborate with industries on mini projects
Junior Corporate Research Fellowship Scheme
  • Role of the scheme in fostering academic and research excellence

Eligibility Criteria and Target Audience
  • Targets candidates who have qualified in NET or UGC-CSIR
  • The selection process will be joint interview conducted by Dexian || Disys & CUTN and eligibility based on the requirements

  • The fellowship begins with an initial tenure of 18 months under the Junior Corporate Research Fellow scheme
  • The Fellow's work scrutinized and evaluated by a panel of experts jointly by Dexian || Disys & CUTN
  • If the Fellow's research work meets the high standards set by the panel, tenure extended for a further period of three years, with an elevation to the Corporate Fellowship Program

Junior Corporate Research Fellowship
Category Masters 1- 18 months      PhD 1- 18 months
Stipend 12,000 pm 14,000 pm
Key Contacts - Dexian || Disys Team
Team Email/Mobile
Swathi C 9840 117 783
Meghana Mohan 9620 423 983
Ananthakrishnan Balasubramanian 996 250 8938
Sathish Rajendren 9962644244
Timeline Details
Courses Category Interview Process On boarding Process  Join Dexian || Disys
PhD Awaiting details from CUTN
PG 2nd semester October 2023 / November 2023 January 2024 June 2025
Integrated PG  10th Semester Awaiting details from CUTN

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