Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

Red Ribbon Club (RRC)
About the RRC:

The red ribbon is a symbol for both drug prevention and for the fight against AIDS. The Red Ribbon foundation is an organization founded in 1993 whose main purpose is the education about prevention of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, Acquired Deficiency Syndrome Related Complex, ARC and AIDS.

The Red Ribbon Club (RRC) aims at harnessing the potential of the youth by equipping them with correct information on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment.

Equipping youth with correct information on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, Care and Supporting. To make HIV/AIDS free INDIA by creating awareness about the spread and cause of HIV/AIDS among the student youth, non-student youth and public.

Annual Reports:
What are the activities of RRC?

Peer education and leadership trainings. Competitions (Debates, Quiz, Drawing, Paintings, etc.) Interactions with positive people and counsellors of ICTC/ART/Blood bank. Interactions with Transgender, Dietician & Gynaecologist.

Contact Us:
RRC Coordinator
Central University of Tamil Nadu
Thiruvarur – 610 005
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile: + 91-9894789648

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