Department of History

The Department offers M.A. in History from the academic year 2017-18. The two-year programme, Master of Arts in History intends to provide a thorough understanding of historical concepts, theories, sources, perspectives and methodology. It also aims to familiarize students with the developments in Indian History, Asian History and World History. The course structure is designed meticulously to address the need of both traditional and applied aspects of historical study and diversified career objectives. The implementation of choice-based credit system facilitates students to pursue their interests and to select their specialization from an unmatched variety of courses and subject-specific electives. Our M.A. in History is a catalyst to pursue advanced research programme in History including Ph.D and it provides opportunities to follow a variety of career paths. Besides, a career in academics like teaching and research, our courses will help prepare for government services including civil services. The programme will develop skills in investigation, analysis, writing and research in history and these skills will enable the students to choose from a wide range of career opportunities in legal and historical institutions and also in private sectors.

M.A. in History