Dr. Anjali Vijayan

Dr. Anjali Vijayan

Name: Dr. Anjali Vijayan
Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: anjalivijayan@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr Anjali Vijayan is serving as an Assistant Professor at Department of Geology, School of Earth Sciences, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur. She received her Master's degree in Applied Geology from Pondicherry University. She completed her PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. After a brief stint as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geology, Central University of Karnataka, she worked as a Research Associate at National Centre for Earth Science Studies, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram. She has published papers in international journals in the areas of igneous petrology, geochemistry and geochronology. Her current passions include medical geology and agricultural geology with special focus on geochemistry. Currently she is guiding one PhD student (DST-INSPIRE fellow).

Research Highlights :

Six new 40Ar/39Ar ages for the Sarnu-Dandali alkaline complex, Rajasthan and ages correspond to Indo-Madagascar and Deccan flood basalt volcanism.
Sarnu-Dandali is a periodically rejuvenated intraplate alkaline igneous centre
Mundwara alkaline complex considered to belong to ~65 Ma Deccan Traps. Study revealed that Mundwara complex is Early Cretaceous to Palaeogene in age.
Proposed a new petrogenetic model -Decompression melting of old hydrated mantle lithosphere

Recent Publications :

Sheth, H., Pande, K., Vijayan, A., Sharma, K. K. and Cucciniello, C. (2017). Recurrent Early  Cretaceous, Indo-Madagascar (89-86 Ma) and Deccan (66 Ma) alkaline magmatism in the Sarnu-Dandali complex, Rajasthan: 40Ar/39Ar age evidence and geodynamic significance. Lithos, v. 284- 285, 512-524.

Pande, K., Cucciniello, C., Sheth, H., Vijayan, A., Sharma, K.K., Purohit, R., Jagadeesan, K.C. and  Shinde, S. (2017). Polychronous (Early Cretaceous to Palaeogene) emplacement of the Mundwara  alkaline complex, Rajasthan, India: 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, petrochemistry and geodynamics. International Journal of Earth Sciences (Geol. Rund.), v. 106, 5, 1487-1504.

Vijayan, A., Sheth, H. and Sharma, K.K. (2016). Tectonic significance of dykes in the Sarnu-Dandali alkaline complex.Rajasthan, northwestern Deccan Traps.Geoscience Frontiers, v. 7, 783-791.

Cucciniello, C., Demonterova, E. I., Sheth, H., Pande, K. and Vijayan, A. (2015). 40Ar/39Ar  geochronology and geochemistry of the Central Saurashtra mafic dyke swarm: insights into  magmatic evolution, magma transport, and dyke-flow relationships in the northwestern Deccan  Traps. Bulletin of Volcanology, v. 77, 5, 1-19

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