Dr. Boopathi P

Dr. Boopathi P

Name: Dr. Boopathi P
Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone: +91-9843693951
Email: pboopathi@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr. Boopathi P is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Central University of Tamil Nadu. His research interests include Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, Refugee Literature and Life Writing Studies. For his Doctoral Research completed at EFL University, Hyderabad, he studied the identity construction of Palestinians in the life narratives written by Palestinian refugees. Prior to his appointment at CUTN, he taught at Aligarh Muslim University for three years. He has published articles in journals and edited books that are of international repute and presented research papers in conferences both inside and outside India in his areas of research. He has been funded by New Literary Observer, Moscow and European University at St. Petersburg, and German Historical Institute, Warsaw, Poland to present his research papers in their conferences. His research works have been published by renowned international publishers like Peter Lang, Routledge and Routledge Journal of Life Writing. He is one of very few scholars in the area of Disability Studies and Refugee Studies in India to introduce a specialized course titled “Literary and Cultural Disability Studies” and “Refugee Literature” respectively to Master students of English. Dr. Boopathi is the Indian coordinator for prestigious the Erasmus+ Programme - Learning mobility for higher education students and staff with Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Poland. He is the coordinator of Enabling Unit for Persons with Disabilities at CUTN. He is a member on the Editorial Board and Review Board of a few journals including International Journal of Whole Schooling published by University of Michigan Press. He is the chairperson of examination committee for Pondicherry University affiliated colleges for the MA English Program. He has delivered more than 50 invited talks in Conferences, Refresher Courses, Workshops, Certificate Courses, etc. organized by various universities and colleges in India.

Research Highlights :

Dr. Boopathi welcomes proposals to work on the epistemology of marginalized produced through varied forms of life writing. He is particularly interested in the articulation of embodiment and experience of marginalized subjects in various genres of life writing. The question that he seeks to explore in his research is how the life writing of marginalized emerged after 1980s tend to re-present the community at large. This shift in literary production, as he believes, re-configures the literary writings of the present millennium to be more of experiential rather than imaginative.

Recent Publications :

  • Boopathi, P. “Review of Notes on the Flesh.” Life Writing, Sept. 2019, pp. 1–4. Taylor and Francis+NEJM, doi:10.1080/14484528.2019.1658264.
  • Boopathi, P. “Authoring Disability, Documenting Struggle: An Analysis of Naseema Huzruk’s The Incredible Story”. Language in India, Vol. 22:4, April. 2022. ISSN 1930-2940.
  • Boopathi, P. “From Guerrilla Fighter to National Icon: Revisiting the Political Life of Yasser Arafat.” New Literaria, vol. 2, no. 1, Feb. 2021, pp. 21–28. DOI:10.48189/nl.2021.v02i1.003.
  • Boopathi, P. “Intersecting Terrains of Personal and Politics: An Arab Feminist Reading of Fadwa Tuqan’s A Mountainous Journey.” Writing Gender Writing Self: Memory, Memoir and Autobiography, edited by AparnaLanjewar Bose, New York, Routledge, 2020. ISBN: 978-0-367-53449.
  • Boopathi, P and K, Muruganandan. “Creating an Accessible and Resilient Environment inside the Indian University.” Disability and University:A Disabled Students Manifesto, edited by Christopher McMaster and Benjamin Whitburn, New York, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2019. ISBN: 978-1433167805.
  • Boopathi, P. “Politicizing Literature: the Birth of Resistance Literature.”Literature and Society: Challenges and Prospects, edited by Prayer Elmo Raj, New Delhi: Authorspress, 2016, pp. 134-154. ISBN: 978-93-5207-421-1.

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