Dr. J. Ashokkumar

Dr. J. Ashokkumar

Name: Dr. J. Ashokkumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone: 04366-277290
Email: ashokkumarj@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
(Lieutenant. Dr. J. Ashokkumar is an Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Central University of Tamil Nadu. He received doctorate degree from Alagappa University. He has 10 years of rich experience in teaching and 12 years of research experience in the area of Management. He has published more than 20 papers in both National and International Journals. He has commissioned as officer and got the rank of Lieutenant in Indian Army (NCC - SD) on 31st Aug 2019 and has completed NCC - SD Refreshers Course on 12th July 2022 for the next rank Captain.

Research Highlights :

He is a vivid learner and data science enthusiast. His area of Research specialization includes Digital Marketing, Operations and International Business. He was a UGC - Senior Research Fellow.

Recent Publications :

1. Priyanga T and Ashokkumar J (April 2023). Consumer behavior and potential Niche marketing of food industry during COVID 19 pandemic. Journal of Management and Science, 194 -199.

2. Ashokkumar J and Priyanga T, (January 2023). Consumer behavior and potential Niche marketing of food industry during COVID 19 pandemic. Empirical Economic Letters, 21(3), 321-337. C Category in ABDC 

3. Priyanga T and Ashokkumar J (December 2022) Key drivers of purchase intention among students: A perspective of shopping using social media. World journal of management and Economics, 15(12),41-57 C Category in ABDC 

4. Christina N and Ashokkumar J (June 2022) The Road To An Electric Vehicle Future Still Has A Few Potholes, But These Challenges Can Be Fixed. Journal of Fundamental & Comparative Research, 8(16), 119-121.

5. Ashokkumar, J., & Natarajan, P. S. (April 2021). Predicting intention to choose e-shopping using theory of reasoned action subjective to COVID 19 pandemic. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 25(4), 1-15. B Category in ABDC.

6. Ashokkumar J., (October, 2021), Implementation of 5 S Model from Corporate to Educational Institutions. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 10(10), 1247-1250.

7. Ashokkumar J., (March 2018)., Human Dimension in Green Marketing As a tool for CSR. Shanlax International journal of Managemen.  5(3)., Page No.  179-184,

8. Ashokkumar J., (September, 2017), Demonetization is not a mother of Digital Transaction in India. International Research Journal of Commerce & Law., 1, 137-143.

9. Ashokkumar J, (May 2015), Factor Influencing the Adoption and usage of Online shopping. International Research Journal of science and IT Management, 4(7), 23-38.

10. Ashokkumar J, (May 2013), Mobile Application. A Key for Entrepreneurial Enhancement. Global Research Analysis,2(5), 62-65.

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