Dr. K. R. S. Preethi Meher

Dr. K. R. S. Preethi Meher

Name: Dr. K. R. S. Preethi Meher
Designation: Assistant Professor
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: preethimeher@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr. K.R.S. Preethi Meher is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Materials Science, School of Technology, Central University of Tamilnadu located in Thiruvarur district. She completed her Ph.D. at the Materials Research Center, Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru in the year 2012. She is a visiting "Fulbright Kalam Climate Change Fellow" at Professor Rick Ubic's laboratory at Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering at Boise State University, USA for the year 2023-2034. Before joining CUTN, She was a CNRS postdoctoral Researcher at the Laboratoire CRISMAT, Caen from 2013-2014 and later served as a Research Associate at the Materials Science Division of IGCAR Kalpakkam. She has been awarded UGC-DAE-CSR Collaborative research project for 2022-2025. She is a life member of the Materials Research Society of India. Her research group focuses on synthesis, structural, and property correlations in novel perovskite halide compositions for photovoltaics. She has published 25 peer-reviewed journal articles and presented several papers at international, and national conferences and workshops apart from serving as an invited speaker in various Faculty development programs. There are 2 Ph.D students and one Project Fellow working my research group at CUTN.

Research Highlights :

My research group - Multifunctional Materials and Electroceramics - focusses on the synthesis, structural and property correlations in novel perovskite halide compositions for photovoltaics and Optoelectronic devices. We reported the structural and optoelectronic properties of new Na doped CsPbBr3 compositions in a recently published paper in Journal of Solid state Chemistry.

(https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0022459623001652). I have started my visit as "Fulbright Kalam Climate Change Fellow" to Professor Rick Ubic's Lab at Boise State University. We have  embarked on the development of non-toxic perovskite halide compositions for sustainable photovoltaics. 

Recent Publications :

1. Kayalvizhi, Ayyappan Sathya, Suresh Perumal and K.R.S.Preethi Meher, (2023) Structural, Optoelectronic and Electrochemical behavior of the mechanochemically synthesized CsPb1-xNaxBr3 (x= 0 to 0.15) Journal of Solid state chemistry, 323, 123997

2. G. Vijayaragavan, D. Prabhu, M.B. Ponnuchamy, K.R.S. Preethi Meher, Ravi Gautam, Mainak Saha, R. Gopalan, K.G. Pradeep, (2023) Microstructure evolution and phase , analysis of Sm60Ni40 alloy, J Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 566, 170323

3. T. Kayalvizhi, Ayyappan Sathya and K.R.S. Preethi Meher, (2022) Hydrothermal synthesis of perovskite  CsPbBr3: Spotlight on the role of Stoichiometry in Phase Formation Mechanism, Journal of Electronic Materials, 51, 3466

4. S. Satapathy, Golla Prudhvi, Azam Ali Khan, Pratik Deshmukh, Anju Ahlawat, K.R.S. Preethi Meher and A.K. Karnal (2021), MgFeO4/(BaCa) (ZrTi)O3 lead free ceramic composite: A study on multiferroic and magnetoelectric coupling properties at room temperature, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 853, 156960

5. T. Kayalvizhi, Ayyappan Sathya and K.R.S. Preethi Meher (2020) Facile synthesis of monoclinic CsPbBr3 for promising photovoltaic characteristics, AIP Conference proceedings, 2265, 030654

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