Dr. N Sivakami

Dr. N Sivakami

Name: Dr. N Sivakami
Designation: Assistant Professor & Head i/c
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: sivakami@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr. N. Sivakami, currently serving as the Head (i/c) of the Department of Social Work & the Chairperson of the Gender Sensitivity Cell at Central University of Tamil Nadu, is a multifaceted academic and administrative leader whose remarkable achievements attest to her dedication and expertise. Her academic accomplishments seamlessly complement her administrative and field expertise. Her groundbreaking paper, "Mainstreaming Women Self-Help Groups to Promote Social and Solidarity Economy," has been published as part of the United Nations Forum for Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy, a testament to her scholarly acumen. She has successfully completed two funded research projects with three ongoing trans-disciplinary research endeavors. Additionally, Dr. Sivakami holds a patent published by the Patent Journal of India. Her impactful policy work in the realm of Social Sciences Research, funded by ICSSR, culminated in the submission of a Policy Document to the National Institute for Disaster Management, New Delhi, outlining community guidelines to mitigate pandemics in rural areas. Her contributions extend to her publications, including co-authoring a book titled "Health Safety and Well-being of the Informal Economy" and authoring two articles in Springer Publications. With over five funded research projects to her credit, she has undeniably made a profound impact on the academic, research, and community-oriented landscape. In conclusion, Dr. N. Sivakami emerges as a well-rounded Social Work Professional whose intellectual pursuits, community orientation, and research endeavors have left an indelible mark on the realms of academia and social welfare. Her commitment to enriching lives and advancing knowledge serves as an inspiring model for the academic community.

Research Highlights :

Dr.Sivakami’s research areas include Sustainable Development Goals related studies with specific focus on Livelihoods and Gender. She has over 5 funded research projects to her credit in areas of Disaster Management, Livelihoods and Gender concerns. Based on her ICSSR –IMPRESS project she has the credit of submitting a policy suggestive document to NIDM. She has coherently worked inline with various state and centrally sponsored research programmes.

Recent Publications :

  1. Nagarajan Sivakami (2019). United Nations Task Force for promoting Social & Solidarity Economy,Knowledge Hub-.Mainstreaming Women Self-Help Groups to Promote Social and Solidarity Economy-Lessons from rural areas of Tamil Nadu, India .UNRISD Knowledge Hub   Draft  paper Series.
  2. Nagarajan Sivakami, Francis Barclay &Kanchana (2019).Social Constructs of Surrogacy-Indian perspective in P. Sigamani,Sangamitra Acharya,  Health Safety and Well being of Workers in Informal Sector in India-Lessons for Emerging Economies, Springer Nature, Singapore
  3. Sivakami,N, and Shamala.R. (2020).Women Self Help Groups and Climate change inthe grassroots: Evidence from Thiruvarur District, South India: Leal Filhow, Johannes, M.Desalegn Yayeh Ayal,. Leutz (eds), Handbook of Climate Change Management: Research, Leadership, Transformation envisaged as a ground-breaking Interdisciplinary publication on United Nations Climate Change Management Series published as part of Springer Nature. Australia.
  4. Sivakami N, Sigamani P., Sanghmitra Acharya (2019). Health, Safety and Well-Being of Workers in the Informal Sector in India- Lessons for Emerging Economies.Springer, eBook ISBN: 978-981-13-8421-9, Hardcover ISBN: 978- 981-13-8420-2.
  5. Sivakami.(2019).Preparedness and reality responses of Women agricultural labourers in Nagapattinam& Thiruvarur Districts: Disaster Advances- Scopus Indexed Journal  ISBN: 22784543, 0974262X.
  6. Sivakami, Shamala,R. (2021),.Socio-Cultural Impact of Globalisation and Health Practices among Tribal Women in Thiruvarur District, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences UGC care listed-Web of Science. ISSN -0976-0997 (I.F:2.45) Vol.12(67).
  7. Preeti R Gotmare , Deepthi D B ,  N Sivakami,Shamala.R, (2022)  Identifying the scope for introducing MGNREG Scheme as an academic specialization –A Field Work Case Study of Thiruvarur.Journal of Positive School Psychology UGC listed Journal, Vol6(8). ISSN: 2717-7564.
  8. Greeshma.P.V & Sivakami,N.(2022).Decentralized Municipal Solid Waste Management and Institutional Arragements: a Case study from Chottanikara Panchayat Kerala. International Journal of Natural Sciences-Web of Science Indexed. UGC Care Listed. E-ISSN2278-4543Vol13(20)/2022.

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