Dr. P. Rajaretnam

Dr. P. Rajaretnam

Name: Dr. P. Rajaretnam
Designation: Associate Professor
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: rajaretnam@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
I have completed MA, M.Phil, PhD and PGDT from DBHP Sabha, Chennai and got Diploma in JDC at cooperative training center Tirunelveli. My area of Research Specialization is Poetry and Novel and guided 14 M. Phil, 4 Ph.D. got awarded, 5 Ph.D’s. are ongoing at present in CUTN, and published 11 books (in which 1 is under publication), 15 articles with ISSN and presented more than 50 papers. I have co-ordinated 17 International, National, State Level workshops, symposium seminars and Shiver, provided 17 National level guest lecture programs, co-ordinated 7 international programs (at CUTN level). I was, book selection committee member, advisory literator for modern writers, grant distribution committee expert member, subject digitalization committee member, and Inspection committee member at CHD Ministry of Education Newdelhi. I was/am Board of Studies member at 20 colleges and 5 universities, Chair person and standing committee member (for 6 years) at Bharathidasan University, Trichy. I have been senior Hindi pracharak at DBHP Sabha Chennai and Trichy, NCC officer (CAPTAIN RANK) for 19 years, Deputy Controller of Examinations for 2 and a half years, Director at 4 Private colleges (for 6 months), Evaluator at CHD (2 years), Assistant Director of Official Language, CUTN from 2019 to 2023. I was/am member of various committees (more than 25), attended 30 NCC Camps, attended 35 NCC conferences and conducted more than 30 Social Service activities. He received Best Cultural award (National Level), secured second position at National level (NCC TSC competitions) on behalf of TamilNadu, Pondichurry and Andman nicobar Directorate, penned and composed two group songs got first and third position at National level in the Republic Day, Parade New Delhi, State level awards, District level awards (from the District Collector 5 times). I was/am subject expert at TRB Tamil Nadu, chief superintendent of variou exams & expert of Tamil Nadu Government, delivered 7 radio talks, Delivered more than 200 talks in different titles at various Institutions, performed cultural activities through AIR etc... At present I am Associate Professor, department of Hindi and Hindi Officer In charge at CUTN over a period of three years.

Research Highlights :

Area of Research Specialization is Poetry and Novel. He has guided 15 M.Phil., 4 Ph.D. got awarded, 5 Ph.D.'s. are ongoing at present and published 9 books (in which 1 is under publication), 20 articles with ISSN and presented more than 50 papers

Recent Publications :

  1. Dr. Sankaysesh Rachith kajuraho ka shilpi mein yugbodh aur moolya bodh, International Journal of Research in Hindi on 23.10.2020 EISSN 2582-3493
  2. Matti Ka Karj, International Journal of Social relevances &concern IJSRC ISSN 2347-9698 v.18 issue December 2020
  3. Jana Sanchar Mein Gunvatha Niyanthran, International Journal of Social relevance & concern IJSRC ISSN 2347-9698 Vol-8 issue 12 Dec 2020
  4. Theeraj Swasthiya ke santharb mein, International Journal of Research in Hindi ISSN 2455-2632 page no. 108-110 22.02.020
  5. Varthaman Yug ke Yuvavon keliye Gandhi Vicharthara ki aavashyakatha Research review International journal multi disciplinary (peer reviewed journal) Volume-5 Issue-08 2020 ISSN Index 2455-2233.
  6. Dr. P.Rajaretnam published a paper titled “Saahitya aur jaateeyata: ek parichay” 2021.
  7. Dr. P.Rajaretnam published a paper titled “Varthaman Yug ke Yuvavon ke liye Gandhi Vichardhara ki aavashyakatha” 2021.
  8. Dr. P.Rajaretnam published a paper titled “Anuvaad : ek saahityik setu” 2021.
  9. Dr. P.Rajaretnam published a paper titled “Bharathiya Samaj Mein Viyabth Bhaghadamber Ke Prathi Kaviyom Ka Aakrosh” 2022 ISSN No: 25832948.

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