Dr. S. Beer Mohamed

Dr. S. Beer Mohamed

Name: Dr. S. Beer Mohamed
Designation: Associate Professor
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: sbmohammed@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Currently working as Associate  Professor in the Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur. Previously I have worked as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director of Energy Research Center in B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University, Chennai. I have worked for 21 years in abroad research laboratories (AIST, Japan), Nagoya University (Nobel Prize for blue LED -2013) in Japan, Okalahoma University, United States Of America., National University Singapore, University Putra Malaysia and King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. I have won many national and international fellowship and awards. Mentioning a few NEDO fellowship (Highest Fellowship award) in , Japan, VBL fellowship Japan, Best Researcher Award ,Best Scientist Award, Best Thesis Award . I have published and presented more than120 research papers peer reviewed international journals and conferences. My research area of interests includes Nanotechnology, III-V Semiconductors, High Tc Superconductors, Li ion Batteries, Solar cells, Composites and High Entropy alloys.

Research Highlights :

Thin Films, Solar cells, Li ion Batteries, Composite materials, High Entropy Alloys, Nanomaterials, III-V semiconductors, High Tc Superconuctors.

Recent Publications :

  1. Vaidhegi Kugarajah, Kamaldeen Nasrin Nisha, R Jayakumar, S Sahabudeen, P Ramakrishnan, S.B. Mohamed (2023) “Significance of Microbial Genome in Environmental Remediation” Microbial Research 271, 127360. (Impact factor- 5.4)
  2. S Beer Mohamed, S Anandhavasan, S Basheer Ahamed, R Ajayharish, B Barathraj, R Hariprakash, M Ravichandran, C Kaviarasu (2023) “ Investigation on mechanical properties of hybrid polymer composites for automobile applications, Materials Today: Proceedings 74,73-79. (Impact factor – 1.8).
  3. A Sudha, NMI Alhaji, A Mohamed Saleem, S Beer Mohamed, A Ayeshamariam(2023) “Electronic properties of surface modified LiO thinfilms with H+ implantation” Materials Today: Proceedings 77 (part2),521-552. (Impact factor – 1.8).
  4. Baraneedharan, P., Vadivel, S., Anil, C.A., Mohammed, S.B. and Rajendran, S., (2022) Advances in preparation, mechanism and applications of various carbon materials in environmental applications: A review. Chemosphere, p.134596. (Impact factor – 8.9)
  5. Perumal, V., Inmozhi, C., Uthrakumar, R., Robert, R., Chandrasekar, M., Mohamed, S.B., Honey, S., Raja, A., Al-Mekhlafi, F.A. and Kaviyarasu, K., (2022) Enhancing the photocatalytic performance of surface-Treated SnO2 hierarchical nanorods against methylene blue dye under solar irradiation and biological degradation. Environmental Research, p.112821.(Impact factor – 8.4)
  6. Kayalvizhi, K., Alhaji, N.M.I., Saravanakkumar, D., Mohamed, S.B., Kaviyarasu, K., Ayeshamariam, A., Al-Mohaimeed, A.M., AbdelGawwad, M.R. and Elshikh, M.S., (2022). Adsorption of copper and nickel by using sawdust chitosan nanocomposite beads–A kinetic and thermodynamic study.  Environmental Research, 203, p.111814. (Impact factor – 8.4)
  7. M Mohamed Sheik Sirajuddeen, S Beer Mohamed, N Hajara Beevi, V Ashwin, Ikram Un Nabi lone, (2022) Spin resolved-Electronic, Magnetic and Thermodynamic properties of perovskites XTiO3 (X= Rb, Cs) using GGA, TB-mBJ and GGA+U Potentials -A DFT approach: Canadian Journal of Physics, 101 (3) 120-131. (Impact Factor-1.358)
  8. Senthil R., Vijayaraghavan G.V., Ismail Fathima M., Ayesha Mariam A., Beer Mohamed S. and Ayesha Mariam A., (2022) Crystallization Kinetics and Characterization of Solution Grown of Leucine Phthalic Acid Single Crystals, Asian Journal Of Chemistry 34 (4), 931-936.
  9. Mohamed Anwar P., Muruganantham S., Ismail Fathima M., Ayesha Mariam A., Beer Mohamed, S., Benahilliba M., and Kaviyarasu K. (2022) Photoelectrochemical Efficiency applications of antimony doped tin oxide thin film by thermal evaporation technique, Asian Journal Of Chemistry 34(6),1537-1542.
  10. Ikaram UnNabi, S.Vigneswaran, Mohamed Sheik sirajudeen, S.B.Mohamed (2021)“A density functional calculations on electronic, magnetic, optical, mechanical and half-metallic properties in molybdenum based pnictogens in GGA and GGA+U approach” J.of Materials chemistry and physics vol.260,124159. (Impact factor – 4.7)

Book Chapters Published:

  1. S Beer Mohamed, C Kaviarasu, A Danielwillson, C Velmurugan, R Jayaganthan, K Kaviyarasu (2022) “Metal Additive Manufacturing: Materials, Methods, Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties via Postprocessing Heat Treatments.” Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion, Biomedical and Environmental Applications 167-216. Springer Nature Singapore (publishers)
  2. A. Ayeshamariam, S. Sivaranajani, S. Beer Mohamed, M. Ismail Fathima, M. Sivabharathy, M. Jayachandran Effect of Mg2Sn Alloy on Silicon Substrate and Its Mechanical Properties with Its Resistivity Measurement (2022) Page 157-166, Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion, Biomedical and Environmental Applications Springer Nature Singapore (publishers)
  3. A. Ayeshamariam, G.Selvan, S. Beer Mohamed, N.Nathiya, M. Sivabharathy, M. Jayachandran Investigation of Ti02: Sn Properties for Sensor Analysis Deposited Using Jet Nebulizer Spray and its water Analysis, Recent Developments in Engineering and Managemnt ,(2021) Tech Press, Page1-19 ISBN : 978-93-91697-03-7

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