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Dr. B. Sundaravadivoo

Dr. B. Sundaravadivoo

Dr. B. Sundaravadivoo

Name: Dr. B. Sundaravadivoo
Designation: Associate Professor
Phone: 9944334590


Biographic Sketch:
B. Sundaravadivoo, is currently working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, India from 19th September 2023. She was formerly with the Faculty of Mathematics at Alagappa University, Karaikudi, as an Assistant Professor from 28th May 2012 to 19th September 2023. She got qualified in CSIR-NET examination. She is a first rank holder and got a gold medal in M.Sc Mathematics. Total year of service is 20 years. 15 M.Phil, 125 M.Sc projects were successfully guided. She is serving as an reviewer of ISA Transactions, Mathematical methods in the Applied Sciences, Alexandria Engineering Journal, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation. She has written a course material Analytic Number Theory, Functional Analysis for Alagappa University, Directorate of Distance Education, M.Sc Mathematics students. She has delivered more than 30 invited lectures on various occasions, chairpersons of the international/national conferences, keynote speaker.

Research Highlights :

Current area of research is Fractional Differential Equations, Delay Differential Equations, Differential Inclusions, Control Theory, Impulsive Differential Equations, Mathematical Modelling, Stochastic Differential Equations, Optimal Control, Ramanujan’s Continued Fraction, Mathematical Biology.

Recent Publications :

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Controllability of fractional Langevin impulsive system with proportional delay

Jothilakshmi Gopal, B.Sundara Vadivoo

International Journal of Dynamics and Control

2023,,  [SCI, IF:0.44]


Discussion on iterative process of nonlocal controllability exploration for

Hilfer neutral impulsive fractional integro-differential equation

Kanagaraj Muthuselvan, Baskar Sundaravadivoo, Kottakkaran Sooppy Nisar and

Suliman Alsaeed

AIMS Mathematics

2023, 16846-16863, 8, [SCOPUS, IF:2.739]



New interpretation of topological degree method of Hilfer fractional neutral

functional integro-differential equation with nonlocal condition

Kanagaraj Muthuselvan, Baskar Sundaravadivoo, Suliman Alsaeed and Kottakkaran

Sooppy Nisar

AIMS Mathematics

2023, 17154-17170, 8,  [SCOPUS,  IF:2.739]


Results on nonlocal controllability for impulsive fractional functional

integro-differential equations via degree theory

Kanagaraj Muthuselvan , Baskar Sundaravadivoo, Kottakkaran Sooppy Nisar ,

Shankar Rao Munjam , Wedad Albalawi , Abdel-Haleem Abdel-Aty

Results In Physics

2023, 106698, 51,  [SCI,  IF:5.3]


Analysis of controllability in Caputo–Hadamard stochastic fractional

differential equations with fractional Brownian motion

M. Lavanya, B. Sundaravadivoo

International Journal of Dynamics and Control

2023,, [SCI, IF:0.44]


Controllability Criteria for                       Nonlinear Impulsive Fractional Differential Systems

with Distributed Delays in Controls

Amar Debbouche, B.Sundara Vadivoo , Viladimir Fedorov, Valery Antonov

Mathematical and Computational Applications

2023, 13, 28, https://doi: 10.3390/mca28010013, [ESCI Publication,IF: 2.25]



Nonlinear fractional order neutral-type stochastic integro-differential system with rosenblatt process - A controllability exploration

Naima Hakkar, Lavanya Muruganantham, Amar Debbouche, B. Sundaravadivoo

Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics,

National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

2022, 68-83,  48,

[SCOPUS, IF:0.518]




controllability analysis of fractional order differential equations with multiple

time delays

B.S. Vadivoo , G. Jothilakshmi, Y. Almalki , A. Debbouche, M. Lavanya

Applied Mathematics and Computation

2022, https://doi: 10.1016/j.amc.2022.127192 [SCI, Elsevier Publication, IF: 4.0]



Controllability analysis

of multiple fractional order integro-differential damping systems with impulsive interpretation

G. Jothilakshmi, B.S. Vadivoo, Y. Almalki, A. Debbouche

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

2022, https://doi:10.1016/ [SCIE, Elsevier Publication, IF: 2.4]



Analyze existence, uniqueness and controllability of impulsive fractional functional differential equations

K.Muthuselvan, B.Sundaravadivoo

Advanced Studies: Euro-Tbilisi Mathematical Journal

2021, 171-190

 [ESCI Publication]



Non-linear Stochastic Fractional Neutral-type Differential

Systems with State Delay: A Controllability Interpretation

B.Sundara Vadivoo

IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering

2020, https://doi: 10.1088/1757-899X/764/1/012054 [SCI, Scopus Publication, IF:0.50]


Controllability analysis of nonlinear fractional order differential

systems with state delay and non-instantaneous impulsive effects

B.Sundara Vadivoo

Discrete and Continuous Dynamical System Series- S

2019, https://doi: 10.3934/dcdss.2020138 [SCI, Scopus Publication, IF: 1.00]




criteria of fractional differential dynamical systems with non-instantaneous impulses

B.Sundara Vadivoo, R.Raja, ,J. Cao, G.Rajchakit, Aly R. Seadawy

IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information

2019, [SCI, Scopus Publication, IF: 1.5]


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