Dr. E. Venkatesham

Dr. E. Venkatesham

Name: Dr. E. Venkatesham
Designation: Assistant Professor & Head i/c
Phone: 9492863439
Email: venkatepl@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr. E. Venkatesham, serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the School of Earth Science, Central University of Tamil Nadu since August 2017. Prior to this, he held the role of Assistant Professor (Contractual) in the Department of Geography in the University College for Women (Autonomous), OU, Hyderabad from July 2014 to July 2017. He also served as an Academic Consultant in the Department of Geoinformatics at Telangana University (south campus) from August 2010 to May 2014. Dr. Venkatesham earned his Ph.D. in Geography from Osmania University in 2015, following his PGDGC (2010) and M.Sc. (2007) from the same institution. He achieved the distinction of qualifying the UGC-NET in Geography in 2013. His research ardor spans Urban, Environmental, and Regional Development Geography, reflecting his dedication to shaping sustainable futures. Through his role as an educator and researcher, he nurtures the growth of aspiring minds, leaving an indelible impact on the realms of geography and academia at large. His research works delve into critical aspects of contemporary society; Analysing the nexus between tourism and regional development, urbanization landscapes, and offer insights into responding to disasters like severe cyclonic storms. Additionally, they also urban primacy, pollution dynamics, and the dynamics of green spaces. These studies address pressing challenges and provide valuable knowledge for informed policies and sustainable urban planning in the present context.

Research Highlights :

My research covers key domains with contemporary significance. Analyses of tourism's impact on regional development, urbanization's reflection in a specific region, and lessons from severe cyclones inform current planning and policy decisions. The exploration of advanced digital decision support systems aids effective contemporary decision-making. Discussions on urban primacy and air pollution dynamics address evolving urban landscapes and environmental concerns. The studies on innovative geo-information systems and urban green spaces contribute to modern technological advancements and sustainable urban planning practices. Collectively, these research facets provide insights pivotal for present-day challenges and holistic development considerations.


Recent Publications :

Ashish Kumar & Venkatesham, E. (2023).  Tourism and Regional Development in India: A Comprehensive Analysis of Policy, Role Challenges, and Key stakeholders. Madhya Bharti -Humanities and Social Sciences, ISSN: 0974-0066. Vol-84 No. 03, July  December: 2023, p.101-113.

Venkatesham, E. (2022). Regional Reflections of Urbanisation in Andhra Pradesh. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research, ISSN: 2277-7881. Volume:11, Issue:12(2). p. 117-137. 

George, L., Venkatesham, E., & others. (2021). A comprehensive study on preparedness, impacts, response and recovery from tropical severe cyclonic storm 'GAJA': lessons for the future. Journal of Coastal Conservation (Springer Nature). ISSN:1874-7841, Vol.25; No.58; pp 891-912. DOI:10.1007/s11852-021-00842-3. 

Venkatesham, E., & Balamani, K. (2020). Digital Plan: A Better Decision Support System. IJMER, ISSN: 2277-7881. Volume:9, Issue:12(6). p. 145-149.

Venkatesham, E. (2018). Primacy of Hyderabad. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research, ISSN: 2277-7881. Volume 7, Issue 3(1), p.272-84.

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