Dr. P. Ravindran

Dr. P. Ravindran

Name: Dr. P. Ravindran
Designation: Professor and Head
Phone: 8300178007
Email: raviphy@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Professor Dr. P. Ravindran is a distinguished physicist and Head of the Department of Physics, as well as the Head of the Simulation Center for Atomic and Nanoscale MATerials (SCANMAT) at the Central University of Tamil Nadu. He is also the Dean, Rsearch and head of the Project cell, CUTN. He completed his Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from Anna University, Madras and later joined as a Post Doctoral fellow at Uppsala University, SWEDEN. His exceptional achievements have earned international acclaim, as he has been recognized among the top 1% of scientists in the world in Applied Physics by Stanford University, USA. Furthermore, Dr. Ravindran has been ranked 13th nationally in Applied Physics by SCOPUS, solidifying his position as one of Indias foremost scientists. He has 32 years of research and 27 years of teaching exerience to students globally at University of Oslo, Norway and CUTN. He has supervised 8 post doctoral fellows, 17 Ph.D. students and over 50 master students. He has received funding for 48 projects internationally and nationally and out of which 44 have been completed.

Research Highlights :

Density Functional Theory, Solar cells, Photocatalysts, Hydrogen storage, Multiferroics, Superconductivity, ion Batteries, Magnetocaloric, Machine Learning and Molecular dynamics

Recent Publications :

(1) Discerning the crystal structure and engineering the optoelectronic properties through substitution of divalent cations (M= Zn, N= Ge) in C3H3MxN1-xI3 for solar cell application, G Kruthika, P Ravindran, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 160, 107449 2023

(2) Ni,(AI, Nb) systems from electronic structure calculations, P Ravindran, G Subramoniam, R Asokamani, Advances in Physical Metallurgy, 407, 2023 

(3) Structural phase stability and thermodynamical properties of transition metal complex hydrides Na2MgTMH7 (TM= Sc Cu) for hydrogen storage applications, S Kiruthika, P Sundar, P Ravindran, Journal of Solid State Chemistry 321, 123867, 1, 2023

(4) First principle study on transition metal ammine borohydrides with amphoteric hydrogen for hydrogen storage applications, S Kiruthika, P Ravindran, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2023

(5) Na2Mn (CO3) 2: A carbonate based prototype cathode material for Na-ion batteries with high rate capability An ab-initio study, V Sudarsanan, AM Augustine, P Ravindran, Electrochimica Acta 439, 141687, 2023

(6) First principle studies on electronic and thermoelectric properties of Fe2TiSn based multinary Heusler alloys, MK Choudhary, H Fjellv g, P Ravindran, Computational Materials Science 216, 111856, 1, 2023

(7) Suppressing the initial capacity fade in Li-rich Li 5 FeO 4 with anionic redox by partial Co substitution a first-principles study, AM Augustine, V Sudarsanan, P Ravindran, Sustainable Energy & Fuels 7 (6), 1502-1521, 2023

(8) Elucidating the photovoltaic effect of monoclinic K2SnBr6 by mixed-cation mixed-halide substitution from first-principles calculations, PD Sreedevi, P Ravindran, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 56 (3), 035104, 2022

(9) First-principles calculations to investigate new ferromagnetic quaternary Heusler alloys FeZrTiZ (Z= Si, Sn, Pb): compatible for spin polarized device and waste heat recovery, JB Sudharsan, M Srinivasan, P Ramasamy, MK Choudhary, P Ravindran, Solid State Sciences 132, 106964 3 2022

(10) Antiperovskite materials as promising candidates for efficient tandem photovoltaics: First-principles investigation, PD Sreedevi, R Vidya, P Ravindran, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 147, 106727, 3, 2022

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