Dr. Ramarao Golime

Dr. Ramarao Golime

Name: Dr. Ramarao Golime
Designation: Associate Professor
Phone: 9340267382
Email: ramarao@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
RamaRao Golime is an Associate Professor atEpidemiology and Public Health Department, Central University of Tamil Nadu. He completedhis M.Sc and Ph. D in Biochemistry and has 18 years’ research experience as scientist at DRDO-DRDE, Ministry of Defence, India. Dr. RamaRaoresearch contributions in themolecular toxicological aspects of organophosphorus (OP) nerve-agent exposurehas identified the role of key genes and proteins related to major signalling pathways and transcriptional regulation during OPnerve-agent exposure and demonstrated the efficacy of new combination of antidotes for nerve-agent’sand highlighted the midazolam inclusion as an effective anticonvulsant along with atropine and oxime for nerve agent therapyin case of any military or civilian exposures.His post-doctoral studies were focused on the development of vaccine against Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV) and molecular epigenetic and pharmacological studies of mesotheolioma and HTLV-1 induced leukemia.He developed several analytical detection methods forprotein biomarkers of toxic chemical exposures.He successfullyparticipated in 8 international proficiency tests conducted by the OPCW (organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons), a united nations body to verify the toxicants exposure in biomedical samples to maintain the designation status for India. He has received several awards and honors for his contributions. My current goals will be focused on the toxic chemicals role in the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases.

Research Highlights :

My research is directed towards the understanding the toxicological adverse effects and pharmacology aspects of toxic chemical exposures and screening of effective drugs for organophosphorus chemicals using biochemical, molecular, genomics and proteomics approaches in in-vitro and in-vivo models.Development of analytical methods for the detection of biomarkers of the toxicant exposure in the biological samples is another area of interest.My research has published in several international peer reviewed journals.Ourlab future researchwill be focused on the elucidating the role of toxic chemicals exposure in the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases.

Recent Publications :

RamaRao Golime and Naveen Singh: Book chapter: Molecular interactions of chemical warfare agents with biological systems in ‘Sensing of Deadly Toxic Chemical Warfare Agents, Nerve Agent Simulants and their Toxicological Aspects’ Elsevier. 687-710, 2023. First and corresponding author.

Aradhana R, Jyoti S. K, Dhankher S, V.K. Sandhya, S.K. Kiran, Ramarao Golime, P.K Dash. Development and application of a recombinant Envelope Domain III protein based indirect human IgM ELISA for Kyasanur forest disease virus. Actatropica, 2022,235, 106-114. Impact Factor: 3.04.

RamaRao Golime*, M Palit and D.K.Dubey. Adductomics: A Promising Tool for the Verification of Chemical Warfare Agents Exposures in Biological Samples. 2019. Archives of Toxicol.3, 28.1-12. First and corresponding author and Impact Factor: 6.304

Naveen Singh, RamaRao Golime**, Acharya, J and M Palit. Quantitative Proteomic Changes after Organophosphorous Nerve Agent Exposure in the Rat Hippocampus. ACS Chem Neuroscience.July.2020. DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.0c00311.**Equally contributing and corresponding author. Impact Factor: 5.74

Chandra B, Shaik M., Waghmare CK., RamaRao Golime*, and M Palit. Gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry-based detection of half nitrogen mustards in plasma as a new biomarker of nitrogen mustard exposure. Anal methods, 2020. 12, 4447-4456.  Impact Factor: 3.53.

RamaRao Golime*, Naveen Singh,MeehirPalit. Epigenetic and Autophagic changes after Nerve Agent exposure in the Rat Piriform Cortex and Hippocampus. 2019.Toxicology. 423, 54-61.

First and corresponding author and Impact Factor: 4.57

RamaRao Golime, MeehirPalit and D.K.Dubey: Neuroprotective efficacy of Galantamine and atropine on nerve agent induced neuroglial and biochemical changes. 2017. Neurotox Res. 2017 May; 33(4):738-748.  First and corresponding author and Impact Factor: 3.98

RamaRao Golime*., Afhley, P, Acharya, J, Bhattacharya, B.K. Efficacy of antidotes (midazolam, atropine and HI-6) on soman induced molecular and neuropathological changes. BMC Neuroscience, 15, 2014.  First and corresponding author and Impact Factor: 3.7

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