Dr. S. Jayaraman

Dr. S. Jayaraman

Name: Dr. S. Jayaraman
Designation: Associate Professor & Head
Phone: 04366-277230
Email: jayaraman@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Dr.S. Jayaraman is the Author of the first Indian Article published in New Studies in Athletics by IAAF (World Athletics) on Identification of Climatically Suitable Ethiopian Training Sites to Prepare Marathon Runners for the 2020 Olympic Games 32: 3/4;103-109,2017. He has formerly worked with the capacity of Assistant Professor in Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Sports Authority of India, Thiruvananthapuram and also having experienced in High Performance Manager in Sports Authority of India, Thiruvananthapuram. He has worked in the capacities of Athletics coach and Assistant Professor in Central University in India and Ethiopia as well. Dr. Jayaraman is expertise in Track and Field, who is a Qualified NIS Coach in Athletics and also certified Level II Youth Coach by World Athletics formerly International Association of Athletics Federation. Dr. Jayaraman directed an electronic media on comprehensive teaching of all throws in Athletics which has been a wider circulation in a country and also directed three documentaries on Africans Making Strides by Leaps and Bounds, Human Race (Humanity redefined in Sports) and Rise of Indian Sports -Through the Horizon. His work immensely appreciated in the following professional programs like PE and community coaching by Ministry of Education and SAI, Athlete coach education development program by Athletics Federation of India & SAI LNCPE, E pathashala through online and Congress conducted at Panchkula in association with IIT Chennai by Khelo India and who has a major role as a National Observer from SAI for Fit India National Quiz by Fit India and whose expertise in making the curriculums of IPS Probationary officers at NPA (National Police Academy) Hyderabad.

Research Highlights :

I have accomplished the research on Identification of Suitable Training Sites in Ethiopia for Preparing the Marathoner for Tokyo 2020 Olympics Based on Climatic Conditions of Tokyo during July 24 to August 9, 2020. This research is globally accepted by the pioneer journal in Athletics i.e., New Studies in Athletics by World Athletics (IAAF). The research project which was done in Ethiopia based on Comparative Analysis of Resistance Training with Active and Controlled muscle actions on selected Physiological Anthropometrical and Physical variables of Adigrat town Males was completed and this study was sponsored by the Research and Community services, Adigrat University, Ethiopia. In the row the research projects submitted in the current academic year to DST (Department of Science and Technology), NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) and IKS (Indian Knowledge System) MoE.

Recent Publications :

  1. Jayaraman.S, Zubairul Islam and Hasrani SS Identification of climatically suitable Ethiopian Training sites to prepare Marathon Runners for the 2020 Olympic games, New Studies in Athletics, 2017, Vol 3, pp 103-109, ISSN 0961933X.
  2. Jayaraman.S and Sanjay Kumar Prajapati Performance Analysis of Track events between London 2017 and Doha 2019 IAAF World Championships, Parishodh Journal, 2020, Vol 9, PP 10632-37, ISSN 23476648
  3. Sanjay Kumar Prajapati and Jayaraman.S, “Somato types of Indian Elite Rowers, Parishodh Journal, 2020, Vol 9, pp 2819-2825, ISSN 23476648.
  4. Jayaraman.S Implication of GPS, Google earth and GIS on Preparation of elite Athletes, International Journal of Physiology Nutrition and Physical Education, 2019, Vol 4, pp 51-55, ISSN 24560057.
  5. Jayaraman.S, Comparative analysis on the performances of 1500mts and 3000 mts steeplechase between London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics, International Research journal of Physical education sports and allied science, Shodh Sangam, Research confluence,2018, pp 9-11, ISSN 2249717X.
  6. Jayaraman.S, Analysis on the performances of Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes in Summer Olympics”, in Entire Research, 2017, Vol 1, pp 38-42, ISSN 09755020,
  7. Jayaraman.S, Analysis on the performances of Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes in IAAF World Championships, Entire Research- International Research Journal, 2017, Vol 9, pp 87-90, ISSN 09755020.
  8. Jayaraman.S, Athlete’s profile on talent identification of Tigray region, Review of Research, 2019, Vol 8, pp1-4, ISSN 2249894X.
  9. Jayaraman.S, Ethiopia in world Athletics, International journal of yogic human movement and sports sciences, 2019, Vol 4, pp 110-113, ISSN 24564419.
  10. Jayaraman.S, Analysis on the performances of Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes in Summer Olympics, World championship and World cross country races, International journal of health sports and physical education, 2017, Vol 6, pp 1-7, ISSN 23196459.

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