Dr. T. J. Abraham

Dr. T. J. Abraham

Name: Dr. T. J. Abraham
Designation: Professor
Phone: 04366-277290
Email: abraham@cutn.ac.in


Biographic Sketch:
Literary Theory, which is my specialization is a critical factor for me and the Department, as it enables the student community from CUTN to have a more liberating perspective over the students from other universities precedence and hence better equipped than students from other institutes. I am inclined to view this specialization of mine as the enabling channel through which I can make the students of the University make a difference in the world. I set a great store with this visionary perspective that defines me. It would be my dream come true if the Department of English Studies, CUTN, is to become the numero uno for the study of Literatures in English and, therefore the most sought-after Department for English Studies in the country. Nothing else would make my happiness complete. Needless to say, my endeavours, as it has always been, will be in this direction. For this purpose, I have to come up with more substantial publications and a few projects in the coming years.

Research Highlights :

The broad area of my interest is contemporary Literary Theory with a particular focus on its interface with Indian thought, which includes Indian aesthetics. The sine qua non for such an enterprise being the acquisition of greater scholarship in both Western and Indian philosophy, efforts are being directed to fine-tune this dimension. Hence, the prime orientation of research has been with a thrust on the shape of how contemporary Western thought bears on the Indian scenario, including the instances of anticipation of poststructuralist thought in the history of Indian thought. Accordingly, the focus has primarily been on individual thinkers such as M K Gandhi, Nagarjuna, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Lacan, Emmanuel Levinas and Giorgio Agamben. Correspondingly, it is insistently felt that the contours of the emerging postmodern India that seems increasingly to find its locale coterminous with what appears to be ultra-nationalism and religious atavism are interesting country-specific manifestations worth looking into. Any proposal for possible collaborative research in the above area that might promote greater synergy is welcome.  

Recent Publications :

  1. Abraham, T J.  The Sacred, the Profane and the Messianic: Inclusionary Ethics in Giorgio Agamben’s Post-Statist Project Journal of Dharma 45.1 Jan-March 2020 pp.87-104 ISSN: 0253-7222
  2. Abraham, T J.   The Gift of Death as The Grand Narrative of Humanism: Towards an Inclusive Ethos for Co-realization Tattva: Journal of Philosophy: 14.1 2022 pp.1-18 ISSN: 0975-332X
  3. Abraham, T J.  Ecological Ethics: Language, Religion, and the Problem of the Real Journal of Dharma 47.2 April-June 2022 pp.147-66 ISSN: 0253-7222

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