Prof. P. Srinivasan

Prof. P. Srinivasan

Name: Prof. P. Srinivasan
Designation: Professor & Head
Phone: +91-9443460093


Biographic Sketch:
Prof. Srinivasan possesses 21 years of experience in Teacher Education. He has educated prospective elementary, secondary, and higher secondary teachers. His areas of specialization are Educational Psychology and ICT. He prefers to combine qualitative and quantitative approaches in his research. He Has been a resource person on 140 occasions and provided training to school teachers and higher education teachers. He has organized 02 International Seminars, and 03 National Seminars. Prof. Srinivasan has evaluated a few projects of UGC. He has been a member of the NCTE Inspection Team. Prof. Srinivasan is an editorial member of 02 Journals. He is the Chairperson of MoU and the Students Grievance Redressal Committees. He is also a member of various university committees and supports the administration. Prof. Srinivasan is BoS and School Board Chairperson and a Member of BoS for Japanese and Russian Languages at the Central University of Tamil Nadu. He is a BoS and Ph.D. Thesis Adjudicator member for a few other universities. He is a Member of the American Journal of Educational Psychology, Sarada Journal of Frontiers of Knowledge, All India Association of Educational Research, and Council of Teacher Educators.

Research Highlights :

Prof. Srinivasan has mentored and guided 01 Postdoctoral, 11 Ph.D., 38 M.Phil., and 11 M.Ed. scholars in their academic journey. He has completed 01 Major and 04 Minor Research Projects. He has published 67 Articles in Journals, Authored 07 Books, Edited 04 Books, Translated 01 Book, Written 06 Chapters in a Book, and Developed 02 Psychological Tools.

Recent Publications :

1. Soman,  K.K., Srinivasan Padmanaban, Prasad A., Menon V.A. (2023). Teaching through digital media: Acceptance and use of technology among the high school teachers for the inclusive education in Kerala during the COVID-19 pandemic.Indian journal of science and technology, 16(8), 583-589, DOI: 10.17485/IJST/v16i8.2007

2. Sigamani Panner, Subhabrata dutta, Udhayakumar Palaniswamy, Robert Ramesh Babu Pushparaj, Josiah Stanley Rose, Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2023). Impact of three waves of COVID-19 on students of higher education institutions Challenges and way forward. Social development issues, 45(2), 1-29

3. Manimozhi Ganesan, Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2021). Content analysis of teaching competency in CBSE textbooks in Mathematics of VI standard, (International journal of education, 9(4), 169-177

4. Srinivasan Padmanaban, Poornima Rajendran, Prem Davis, Prabu Velayutham. (2021). Attitude and practices towards COVID-19 among higher education students in India: A cross-sectional study, Journal of public health, 1-13

5. Chakravarthi PRS., Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2020). Development and validation of teaching activities using paper folding technique in elucidian geometry of VIII standard pupils, Infokara research, 9(9), 72-77

6. Chittaranjan Subudhi, Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2020). Public health is under mental health risk:COVID-19 and stress among frontline health workers,  The international journal of Indian psychology, 8(3), 1514-1517, DOI: 10.25215/0803.154

7. Suresh Krishnamoorthy, Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2020). Construction and validation of interview schedule of need for skill based curriculum framework. Infokara research, 9(6), 80-85

8. Suresh, K., Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2020). Massive open online courses - Anyone can access anywhere at any time.  Shanlax international journal of education, 8(3), 96-101 DOI: education.v8i3.2458

9. Chakravarthi PRS., Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2020). Construction and standardization of achievement test in mathematics. Journal of emerging technologies and innovative research, 7(4), 660-666

10. Chittaranjan Subudhi, Ramakrishna Biswal, Srinivasan Padmanaban. (2020). Marriage trajectories among patients with mental health problem, 11(1), 390-393  Indian journal of public health research and development. DOI: 10.37506/v11/i1/2020/ijphrd/194157

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